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Political Ideology In Astrology

This blog was started in December 2016 for the purpose of exposing the political and ethical natures of our elected officials, as well as putting an end to the political divide in this country, by revealing the fact that your political viewpoints are prevalent in your natal chart. The formula used in this blog is originated by Alan Lin, but expanded upon to include celebrities, athletes, local politicians, and people that I know, and using my knowledge of rising sign appearances, in order to make this formula airtight. The fact that your political viewpoints are nothing more than astrological impulses is why it's generally impossible to get someone to switch sides, unless an astrological transit occurs that allows it to happen, in which case the final ideology is prevalent in the chart (Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Tulsi Gabbard are prime examples, where the left wing indicators are more prevalent over the right wing indicators in their charts, despite them all having conservative pasts).

The Left

Economic leftism is indicated in the natal chart with Venus, the 2nd house, and/or their rulers in aspect to Neptune, the South Node, the 12th house, and the sign of Pisces. Cultural or social leftism is indicated in the natal chart with the Moon, the 4th house, and/or their rulers in aspect to Neptune, the South Node, the 12th house, and the sign of Pisces. In my examples, nearly everybody who's a Democrat has left wing economic indicators, while most also have left wing cultural indicators. The ones who don't are almost unanimously Latino Catholics, though this isn't a guarantee of cultural conservatism. These Latino Catholics share along with the socially liberal Democrats support for higher taxes on the wealthy, a strong safety net for the poor, a socialized public school system, a strong support for universal health care, among other things.

The Right

Economic conservatism is indicated in the natal chart with Venus, the 2nd house, and their rulers in aspect to the North Node, the 2nd house, and the sign of Taurus. Cultural or social conservatism is indicated in the natal chart with the Moon, the 4th house, and their rulers in aspect to the North Node, the 4th house, and the sign of Cancer. Unlike the left, where right wing economic indicators are almost nonexistent, it is very common for people on the right to have left wing economic indicators dominant in their chart. However, this doesn't exactly mean they support a strong safety net for the poor or higher taxes for the wealthy, as support for tariffs and excessive military spending, as well as fascism (the dissolution, Neptune, of wealth from the poor to the rich. Trump, Putin, Paul Ryan, Dick Cheney, Reagan, and the Bush politicians all have strong left wing economic indicators), can show up as left wing economics, as those systems go against a free market. Right wing cultural indicators are prevalent in most people on the right, as this can play out in many ways, most notably being anti abortion and same sex marriage, but also strong support for prayer in public schools, being pro military, strong immigration stances, anti environmental regulations, and a strong pro gun stance. Republican politicians often have a strong left wing pattern all around, especially in the southern states, as these people act as conservatives in order to get elected in red states. Lindsey Graham is the most notable of these people.


With the cultural conservatives analyzed in this blog tending to be very religious, this hints at people's religion also being fated, just like people's political viewpoints and careers, and I agree, which gives us even less reason to be divided, as everybody is living their path.


I have noticed that in Facebook photos, cultural conservatives have lots of family photos, which is in connection to the Republican party being the party of family values, whereas cultural liberals tend to have lots of photos of them traveling, which is in connection to being open minded to other cultures.


It is no coincidence that the "blue" states are adjacent to bodies of water (Pacific Coast, Hawaii, Great Lakes, Northeast) and that the "red" states are in more rural areas (the south, Midwest, Alaska). This plays out in astrology, as Neptune, the main significator of the left, rules a water sign, while the sign of Taurus is an Earth sign and the sign of Cancer, while being a water sign, is about the country as well as family values. This is why the blue states are known for their diversity and large safety nets, and the red states are known for their gun culture and religious values, as the south is known for Evangelical Christianity and the Midwest states, mainly Utah, are known for Mormonism.

Parental Influence

It is a common notion that people tend to develop their political ideologies from their parents; however, in the examples I have of people who are the same political party as their parents, they share the same exact astrological pattern as their parents.


The asteroid Pallas is the main indicator of a person's ethical nature. Pallas and its ruler in aspect to the Sun, Mercury, and the North Node indicates a strong ethical nature, whereas Pallas and its ruler in aspect to Pluto and the South Node, as well as hard aspects to Jupiter, indicate a weak ethical nature. It is no coincidence that the majority of our elected officials have the latter, known as "aggressive Pallas". Aggressive Pallas aspects have a connection to corruption, racism, extremism, and intolerance. The sooner we know about this, the sooner we can elect people who have a strong ethical compass and aren't in it solely for money and/or power.

Rising Sign Appearances

Aries Rising- Large head, eyebrows that arch like a ram's horns
Taurus Rising- Very sensual look, thick neck, eyebrows that arch like a bull's horns
Gemini Rising- Narrow face with a playful and curious look in the eyes
Cancer Rising- Round, puffy face with eyebrows that arch like a crescent Moon, very innocent look in the eyes
Leo Rising- Hair that stands out, very confident look
Virgo Rising- Narrow "V" shaped face, most ordinary rising sign appearance
Libra Rising- Round face with very balanced facial features, smile that stands out
Scorpio Rising- Intense, penetrating eyes, eyebrows that arch like Devil's horns
Sagittarius Rising- Narrow face with eyebrows that arch diagonally, energetic look
Capricorn Rising- Bony face with a prominent nose that hooks, giving these natives a goat-like appearance
Aquarius Rising- Square face with a very aloof or electric look in the eyes
Pisces Rising- Narrow face with a dreamy look in the eyes

Always look for possible aspects to the ascendant, especially conjunctions, when determining the person's rising sign, as I never, or very seldom, took them into consideration until recently. Also make sure the sign you suspect is the rising sign isn't the Sun sign or Moon sign as these signs also have a major influence on a person's appearance.

So What Does This Mean?

This means, basically, that there is no right or wrong political ideology, as it is proven that political ideologies are astrological complexes, and that everybody is basically living their path, which is why it doesn't make sense why the country is so divided between the left and the right. The ruling elite want the two sides to be at each other's throats, while they continue to conquer. Divide and conquer. There are way more of us than there are if them, yet we continue to fall into the trap. The knowledge in this blog is an attempt to put an end to the division, and get both sides to unite against the elite who don't care about anybody but themselves.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Brett and Ashley Kavanaugh- Individual Political Analysis and Synastry and Composite Relationship Analysis

This post is on Brett and Ashley Kavanaugh. Their political analysis, as well as their relationship analysis because of stuff body language experts noticed during Brett's Supreme Court nomination.

Ashley Kavanaugh


Leftist Ruler of 2nd house Pluto trine South Node, coruler Mars biquintile South Node, Venus quincunx South Node
Rightist- Venus and Mars on 2nd house cusp

Mixed, leaning to the left slightly.


Leftist- Ruler of 4th house Saturn parallel South Node
Rightist- Moon in Saturn elevated in Cancer, 4th house cusp opposite Moon/Saturn midpoint

STRONG right wing indicators here, which is no surprise.


Libertarian- Pallas and its ruler Saturn square Mercury, Saturn trine Sun
Authoritarian- Saturn parallel South Node

Defensive Pallas.

Fiscally to the left, socially to the right, defensive Pallas- Libertarian

Brett Kavanaugh


Leftist- Coruler of Venus Saturn in 12th house in Pisces
Rightist- Taurus rules 2nd house, ruler of Venus Uranus square the Nodes

Mixed, leaning to the right.


Leftist- Moon sesquiquadrate Neptune
Rightist- Moon in Cancer in the 4th house on the cusp, Cancer rules 4th house

Like his wife, STRONG right wing indicators.


Libertarian- Nothing
Authoritarian- Ruler of Pallas Saturn opposite Pluto

This makes for a VERY authoritarian personality here, which is no surprise.

Fiscally and socially to the right, aggressive Pallas- Right wing authoritarian

No surprise, but the economic lean to the right is rare for a Catholic.

Since I've been practicing "love" astrology in the last few months, I have Synastry and Composite charts for Brett and Ashley down below, to analyze their relationship. First, the synastry:

Interesting notes: Both have Cancer Moon, which in the political analysis above indicates strong cultural conservatism unless neutralized by multiple left wing indicators, but in relationship analysis this shows a similar, if not exact, emotional nature. The Moons are also conjunct, signifying an emotional dependence on one another, which is likely true. Brett for his social status, and Ashley for financial prosperity and a family for her daughters. The difference is that in Ashley's chart, Cancer rules the midheaven, which shows that her public image is that of a "good housewife", and Libra, the sign that detests conflict, on the ascendant further supports that. In Brett's chart, it is on the 4th house cusp, with Moon on the cusp, which intensifies the already emotional Cancer Moon. This likely explains his alcoholism, as it's likely to drown out his intense emotions. Remember that he came from a conservative Catholic family, and in society in general, especially in conservative families, it is considered "bad" for men to show emotions.

Notice where the name asteroid "Brett" is in both charts. Brett's name asteroid is on Ashley's Jupiter, the planet associated with luck and excess. This makes sense as Brett brings her enormous prosperity, despite her having a political career beforehand in the Bush Administration. However, her "Brett" is on his Mars! This is interesting, as body language experts have noticed the body language of Ashley and her daughters during his nomination, and it wasn't good, and likely hinted that they were scared of him. Mars is the planet of conflict.

Another interesting thing is that Ashley's Juno is on Brett's Saturn. Juno is the asteroid that is associated with commitment, and Saturn is the planet of blockage and restriction. She committed to somebody who'll oppress her, and the body language experts also noticed this. In conservative Christian households, divorce is highly frowned upon, and since Brett is the "breadwinner", that ideology and fear of losing prosperity for her daughters is likely why she stays with him.

There's more. Brett and Ashley's outer planets are in completely different signs, the most notable one being Pluto. Brett's Pluto is in Virgo, along with Uranus, which makes him part of the generation that came of age during the materialistic Pluto in Scorpio/Neptune in Capricorn era, and that generation is also known as "Generation Jones", for this generation is notorious for being obsessed with purity and social norms (Virgo). Ashley's Pluto is in Libra, making her a member of Generation X, a generation obsessed with relationships! The nature of these two generations is COMPLETELY different. Most people marry within their Pluto generation, whether intentionally or not, and it's not uncommon for intergenerational marriage to create issues in relationships.

The composite:

Yikes! Sun, Moon, and Mercury are conjunct, but in the 12th house, which is a malefic house and the house of secrets. Are there hidden secrets? Considering the "history" of most conservative Christian families, likely so. Moon is opposite to the Sun, and both form a tight square to Uranus. This is known as a "T-Square", and it is NOT good, especially since Uranus is a malefic. Uranus is also on the midheaven, which is associated with public image. Uranus is known for being associated with unexpected change, but it is heavily afflicted, which indicates that these changes will likely be bad. Likely Kavanaugh's secrets come out, or he ends up getting indicted by Mueller, or most likely, both? I mean, Kavanaugh's $200,000 debt was mysteriously paid off when he got nominated to the Supreme Court, and it's quite obvious that the vast majority of the GOP are in on the treason! If that ends up happening, their image of the "happy Catholic family" will immediately (Uranus) become a thing of the past. The best aspects in the chart are probably Sun conjunct Amor and "Ashley" conjunct Valentine! The TWO trines in the chart and the Sun/Venus conjunction are VERY wide, which heavily weakens them, and the only strong sextile is Pluto to Neptune, which has been in effect since the 1940s! Also, Saturn in the 5th house... repressed love? The synastry isn't TOO bad, and in all actuality pretty good, as their angles and Moons are conjunct one another, Brett's Moon trines her Sun, and there are a LOT of trines, but the composite shows what the body language experts picked up on: a strained relationship, and the numerous squares and oppositions and 12th house stellum REALLY show it.

All in all, their individual charts clearly show their cultural conservatism, and while their synastry isn't too bad, the composite clearly showed what the body language experts picked up on. Astrology NEVER lies.

Political Analysis Charts:

Monday, May 21, 2018

Epic Systems vs. Lewis Decision, Closer to Slavery? It's Already Here

In the big news of the day, the Supreme Court voted 5-4, with Neil Gorsuch casting the deciding vote, in favor of Epic Systems, thus allowing employers to block employees from grouping together in order to fight legal disputes in employment arbitration agreements. This basically makes it easier for employers to underpay their employees, known as wage theft. The reaction to this verdict is basically that it's another step closer to slavery, but to be honest, slavery is already here. Wage slavery.

In the current economic system, in order to maintain a decent standard of living, you basically have to work a 9-5 schedule every day, outside of holidays and weekends, for around 40-45 years until you're eligible for Social Security, which is basically their way of saying that "you're too old to produce reliably for us, so here you go and hope you die soon". If you don't go through that type of lifestyle, it is very difficult to survive, that is, unless you're a celebrity, and you'll notice that there are numerous pictures of celebrities making Illuminati hand signs, just like our elected officials. So that's basically a way of telling people that they need to sell their soul to the Illuminati if they want to have a comfortable life without all the hassle and grind. Where is the freedom in that? This verdict has basically made an already repressive system even more repressive, which will only hasten the end of the system.

Pluto in Capricorn

Ever since 2008, Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of government and big business. Pluto is known as the transformer in astrology, and surely enough, it is transforming these areas. This transit, along with Neptune in Pisces, is playing a major role in the people wanting a government that works in their best interest. Universal Health Care and Universal Basic Income are gaining major traction, along with free tuition. Self-driving cars are also likely to be in the future, eliminating the need to pay oil companies in order to travel. The Stoneman Douglas High School activists' push for gun control is exposing the GOP's favoritism of money from the NRA over children's lives. Pluto is doing its job, but as expected, the people in power are becoming more repressive in order to maintain their power. Nobody is able to defeat astrology in the end, though, especially when the transit has yet to reach its peak, with the US undergoing its Pluto return in 2022. This is basically telling the country to transform, or else Pluto will do it for them. Also, with the Pluto in Sagittarius generation starting to come of age, by then, the Pluto in Libra, Pluto in Scorpio, and Pluto in Sagittarius generations will be the majority of the voters at that time, and all three of these signs are in the second half of the zodiac, which had more to do with the collective, rather than the individual like the first half of the zodiac.

This exposes Trump as part of the Establishment

Trump's campaign was all about him being anti Establishment and "draining the swamp", despite him being exactly what we're fighting against, and his actions since becoming President have been anything but anti Establishment, as he has numerous Establishment Republicans in his cabinet, such as Jeff Sessions, Nikki Haley, Rudy Giuliani, Ben Carson, and Rick Perry to name a few, and he has been more pro corporation than any other President since Reagan. Trump picked Neil Gorsuch, who was approved by the GOP Congress. This exposes Trump as being part of the problem, and a big part of the problem at that, rather than a solution.

In turn, this verdict didn't push us closer to slavery, but it made the wage slavery we already have more oppressive than it already is. All I can say is that this is just another reason I'm grateful to NOT be a taxpayer, as it must be very self defeating to send your tax dollars to these people every year so they can screw you even more. Hopefully there are tax revolts soon, as it would be impossible to arrest everyone if a significant majority of people refuse to file out of protest. We the people need to send a message that corporate welfare will not fly anymore.

Pictures of celebrities and politicians making Illuminati hand signs and more:

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Pluto in Libra, Pluto in Scorpio, and Pluto in Sagittarius Generations

This is the first set of an astrological analysis of all the world's generations. The charts are set for Washington, DC, as it is the capital of the United States, and the charts, in my analysis, describe these generations very accurately. I'm doing the Pluto in Libra, Pluto in Scorpio, and Pluto in Sagittarius generations first, as these three are the first "Aquarian Age" generations as these are the first three generations in the second half of the zodiac, which is about the collective rather than the individual.

Pluto in Libra:

Most notable placement is the Moon's ruler, Mars, on the descendant, in the 7th house, and conjunct the North Node. This explains the generation's strong focus on relationships and pleasing others, as Libra rules the 7th house, so they have an emotional need to find the "right one". This, along with the Moon in the 9th house, perfectly describes their deep desire for social justice, as well as striving for a more inclusive society, as both Libra and Sagittarius, which rules the 9th house, are associated with justice. This is shown in the Neptune in Sagittarius that around 95% of this generation shares. Describing quite the social generation, the Sun (which is also the chart ruler), Mercury, Venus, and Uranus are in the 3rd house, with Pluto also on the 3rd house cusp! I have met very few introverts in this generation, especially compared to the generations it's sandwiched between, and Uranus in the 3rd house, along with Pluto on its cusp, is why this generation was the first to embrace text messaging, as well as social media, as this generation was the young adults when cell phones became mainstream and Myspace started up. They were instrumental in changing, and transforming, the communication methods of the world! All of these planets are in Libra as well, meaning that the Libra influence of people in this generation is far more than just Pluto, because the Sun of the generation itself being in Libra means that everyone in the generation is a Libra to some extent.

Pluto in Scorpio:

The main thing that stands out to me is the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto all in the 7th house, in Scorpio! This is why this generation has many similarities to Pluto in Libra, as this strong stellum in the 7th house also gives them a strong desire for social justice, and they also share 9th house influence with the Pluto Libras, as Neptune is on the 9th house cusp in the 9th house, which is why they share the desire for a fairer and more inclusive society that's different than the status quo. This generation also has its Sun in Scorpio, along with its Moon, so along with Pluto being in its own sign, everybody in this generation is a Scorpio Sun/Moon to some extent, which makes for a very intense generation (which the Aries rising also indicates). The chart ruler, Mars is conjunct Venus, which is the coruler of the ascendant, in the 6th house, in Virgo, which rules the 6th house, making for a very ambitious generation and why older generations see them as materialistic, which the Neptune in Capricorn that around 90% of this generation shares also indicates. Also notable are Jupiter and Uranus in the 8th house, which explains this generation's interest in the occult, as well as fascination with tattoos, piercing, and stretched earlobes as a way of expressing themselves.

Pluto in Sagittarius:

While the Sun of this generation isn't in its Pluto sign, unlike the previous two, what is very notable is that the generation has Sagittarius rising, with Jupiter and Venus on the ascendant. This describes how this generation comes off as a whole: Optimistic, positive, and tolerant, yet very accident-prone as a result of recklessness. While the generation's Sun is in Capricorn in the 2nd house (which Taurus rules), which should give them a very materialistic side, it is conjunct Uranus and Neptune, countering the earthiness that Sun in 2nd house Capricorn should give and giving everyone in this generation Aquarian and Piscean energies. Mercury is also in the 2nd house, but in Aquarius. All this Aquarian energy is fitting for a generation that didn't know a world before technology expanded, and is also indicated by the Neptune in Aquarius that around 70% of this generation has, as every Sagittarius Pluto born from 1995-1997 has Neptune in Capricorn, along with most of January 1998 and late August-late November of 1998. The generation's Moon is in Leo, which gives them an emotional need to have fun, that is also intense, as their Moon is in the 8th house. The 8th house Moon is an indicator of this generation continuing the trend of getting tattoos and piercings that the Pluto in Scorpio and Uranus in Scorpio generations set (from my experience, this is happening), and this 8th house energy is prevalent in the intensity and focus of the Stoneman Douglas High School activists in their movement to get semi automatic rifles off the street. Another notable thing is that the ruler of the 5th house, Mars, is in the 9th house, which is an indicator for their love to travel and expand their world views, for fun! Their Pluto is also in the 12th house, which Pisces rules, giving them more Piscean energy than just Sun and Uranus conjunct Neptune and Saturn in Pisces.

The ingress charts for the generations do show their characters and their roles as a whole, similar to how people's birth charts show their individual characters and roles. More proof that astrology is legit, and not to be taken lightly.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Sinclair Broadcasting Group Conservative Propaganda- Doomed To Fail

Over the last few days, news of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group's plans to purchase localized media in order to spread conservative, pro-Trump propaganda has made the news. However, these plans are doomed to fail, and not just because of the Mueller investigation. Why?

People's political viewpoints are in their astrology charts.

This is why any attempt to dictate the way people think is doomed to fail. People's economic viewpoints are indicated in the natal chart in Venus and its ruler's aspects to Neptune, the South Node, the sign of Pisces, and the 12th house (liberal), as well as the North Node, sign of Taurus, and the 2nd house (conservative). People's viewpoints in regards to social issues are indicated in the Moon and its ruler's aspects to Neptune, the South Node, the sign of Pisces, and the 12th house (liberal), as well as the North Node, sign of Cancer, and the 4th house (conservative). I have nearly 1,000 examples proving this in this blog and on my Pinterest account. While it is true that children can be influenced at a very young age, the Pluto in Capricorn generation will not be eligible to vote until 2026, two years into the Aquarian Age, and this regime will be taken down well before that, whether by impeachment, indictments, or election nullification, and maybe even all three of them. The other young generations, the Pluto in Libra, Pluto in Scorpio, and Pluto in Sagittarius, are all too old to be reprogrammed, and the attempted brainwashing of the Pluto in Capricorn generation can easily be countered by their parents, which are all three of these generations.

Yes, there is a strong possibility that the 2016 election can end up being nullified, with either Hillary getting the presidency or Obama coming back through 2020, because while the president can only serve a total of two terms, they can serve for a total of 10 years, which is why an interim president can be reelected twice if he serves less than two years before the next election. If Pence and the majority of Republicans in Congress are compromised by Putin, whether by being involved in the collusion or by simply accepting money from him, there is no other choice, as the threat to national security will still remain if Pence, Ryan, or McConnell become President, as they have been involved in the obstruction of justice. This Mueller investigation is far beyond left vs. right (Mueller and Rosenstein are both Republicans, and so was McCabe, so any news source telling you otherwise, like Fox News, Breitbart, Infowars, and any Sinclair-owned station, is technically "fake news"), but about US vs. Russia. Freedom vs. Tyranny. Law vs. Crime. Basically the FBI is doing their job, putting their biases aside, and defending the constitution. Serving the people. Something the Trump administration knows nothing about. And Rosenstein was installed in his position by Trump in the first place, so he easily could have put somebody other than Mueller in Comey's place, who would have stopped the investigation, but his principles won over loyalty in the end. That is why justice will eventually be served. After all, the Trump administration started during Mercury in shadow retrograde, while the tax plan, net neutrality repeal, and FOSTA/SESTA bills were all passed during Mercury retrograde, which means they'll all be undone in some way, so that gives more evidence that the election itself will likely be nullified, as Russia has infiltrated more countries than the US, most notably the UK and the Brexit situation.

While Sinclair's agenda is definitely scary, it is doomed to fail for many reasons that they can't control at all. And the GOP has so little momentum right now that the "blue wave" in the midterms is basically inevitable, which will put a halt to the plans of Putin, Sinclair, the Mercers, the Koch Brothers, and basically anyone associated with the Republican party.

My Pinterest account for Left and Right wing examples in the birth chart.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Stoneman Douglas High School Activists- The Epitome Of Pluto in Sagittarius and Neptune in Aquarius

Emma Gonzalez. David Hogg. Sarah Chadwick. Cameron Kasky. Jaclyn Corin.

These are just five of the survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School Massacre on February 14, 2018 who have become gun control activists over the last month. At the start of the year, they were typical teenagers, and we're now at the end of March and it's gotten to the point where they have been featured on national TV, their Twitter accounts are now verified, and they now have their own Wikipedia articles! This basically means that they have become celebrities overnight, while still going through the grind of homework, term papers, school projects, tests, and final exams, while likely going through their first relationships as well!

And to be honest, they're all handling it very well! I couldn't ever picture myself handling all that pressure. Props.

What makes these teenage activists really special is that they AREN'T doing this for the purpose of becoming household names and getting their five minutes of fame. They are doing this because it's the right thing to do, quite simply because nobody should go to school with the thought that this could be their last day on earth in the back of their minds, as well as the fact that many of their friends and teachers died that day, so they want to make sure that nobody else has to go through what they have since that day. What is also quite fascinating is the similarities that these teenagers have with their grandparents.

If you're familiar with generational astrology, everybody born from 1999-2007 has Pluto in Sagittarius and Neptune in Aquarius, along with most people born in 1998 and half of the people born in 2008, meaning that all of these students share these energies. This results in a generation who not only envisions (Neptune) a world that is in the best interests of everyone (Aquarius), but they also desire absolute freedom and have more open minded world views (Pluto in Sagittarius). This is a fire sign/air sign combination, much like their grandparents in the Pluto in Leo and Neptune in Libra generation from 1942-1957. These were the people known for burning their draft cards in protest of the Vietnam War, and were a large portion of the crowd at Woodstock, so both these fire/air generations share activist roots. However, while many of the "hippies" eventually gave in to the status quo during the Neptune in Capricorn era (1984-1998), when materialism, greed, capitalism, and corporatism were glamorized (many of our current politicians, including president Trump, are Pluto Leo/Neptune Libra), Sagittarius isn't nearly as superficial as Leo (Leo's shadow side is showing off and selfishness, which is why they're known as the "me generation"), and Aquarius has an edge that Libra doesn't (Libra's shadow side is refusing to "rock the boat"), so they aren't as likely to give in to the old, outdated ways of doing things. Another notable fact is that since these students were born before 2003, they also have Uranus in Aquarius, which allows for a tendency to ACT based on their generational vision that the older generations just don't have (similar to how the Uranus and Pluto in Virgo generation were a major reason for the technological expansion in the 90s and 2000s, as Aquarius, which Uranus rules, and Virgo are both associated with technology). And continuing with the pattern shared with their Baby Boomer grandparents, the Pluto Leo/Neptune Libras who were old enough to be drafted in the Vietnam War had Uranus in the air sign of Gemini. None of this is a coincidence.

Why is the status quo changing now, when things like school shootings have been a common occurrence for years now? Simple. Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008 (and will be there until 2024), at the start of the Great Recession, signalling the transformation of government and big business, which has become increasingly obvious with the Trump/Russia and Brexit fiascos dominating the airwaves the last 15 months. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was the period of the American Revolution, which is not as coincidence. When Pluto was in Sagittarius (1995-2008), 9/11 showed the dark side of organized religion, and when Pluto was in Scorpio (1983-1995), HIV/AIDS showed the consequences of "free sex". Neptune has been in the sign of Pisces since 2011, which correlates with the spirituality and compassion culture that is prevalent. Neptune in Aquarius (1998-2012) was the technology culture, which is why these teenagers are known for their addiction to technology, most notably cell phones. While everybody is effected by the culture of the times in one way or another, people born under Neptune and Pluto transits carry these energies for the rest of their lives, just like that of their Sun signs, Moon signs, Mercury/Venus/Mars signs, etc. For example, Pluto in Scorpio and Neptune in Capricorn is why "Millennials" are known for their tattoos and piercings (Scorpio), while coming off as "entitled" (Capricorn), when their role is to dissolve (Neptune) the status quo, which can make them come off as entitled to people who aren't aware of the astrological forces that guide people. And as I've mentioned before, the truth about our political system and how it works is coming to the surface under this Pluto in Capricorn transit, and as shown by their behavior as of late, the GOP politicians and political commentators are very scared. As they should be, because the future of the Republican party looks very bleak, and not just because of the brave activism of these teenagers, as the Mueller investigation and Stormy Daniels scandal have tainted the already lackluster Trump presidency, which is known for a tax plan that heavily benefits the wealthy at the expense of the poor, the passing of steel and aluminum tariffs which will damage free trade (a major part of the GOP platform), as well as consistently threatening war with North Korea, while pushing the idea of a very expensive border wall between the US and Mexico that won't likely come to fruition for obvious reasons. Absolutely nothing positive has happened since Trump took office! With the Republican party likely to be forever known as traitors in the near future, it's very likely that they will never win another election again unless they completely change their platform to become more compassionate and inclusive, and the Pluto Sagittarius/Neptune Aquarius generation starting to come of age only furthers the need for the GOP to do that. These activists will be eligible to vote in 2020, despite it being highly unlikely that Trump will be in office then.

To put it frankly, these teenage activists are the epitome of the Pluto in Sagittarius/Neptune in Aquarius generation, and are a necessary catalyst for positive change, resulting in a society that's in the best interests of everyone, rather than a wealthy few, which it has been since Reagan's presidency during Neptune in Capricorn, and only lately, with Pluto in Capricorn, have we been suffering the consequences of the greed and materialism that became glamorized in the 80s and 90s during that transit. This greed of the GOP politicians has been exposed as a result of their activism, as they are STILL fighting them, solely because they are owned by the NRA, which means they're choosing money and power over children's lives, which is a very unnerving thought, and only adds more fuel to the fire in the midterm elections, which were already in jeopardy before this as a result of Trump's treason and ineptitude.

More info on the influences of Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus is here, as well as other astrological info:

Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus sign dates:

Thursday, February 22, 2018

We Don't Work For The Government, The Government Works For Us

Years ago, the US Government actually performed its duty and worked for the people.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the reason for programs like Social Security and SNAP (Food Stamps).

Dwight Eisenhower is the reason for our highway system, allowing us to travel longer distances in a shorter amount of time.

Lyndon Johnson is the reason for Medicare and Medicaid.

Even Richard Nixon, who is most known for the Watergate Scandal, is the reason for Supplemental Security Income, better known as SSI.

Yes, upon a time Government actually worked for the people (the Democrats were becoming the left wing party, while the Republican party was more moderate). When did it go wrong?

In 1981, Ronald Reagan signed the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, lowering the top income tax rate from 70% to 50%, and then in 1986 signed the Tax Reform Act Of 1986, which lowered the top rate from 50% to 38.5%. After these tax cuts, the economy entered a recession in the late 80s and didn't recover until the time Clinton entered office. Reagan is also known for the Iran Contra Scandal, which involved the sale of weapons to Iran.

Bill Clinton, despite presiding over a strong economy throughout this two terms in office, signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act in 1996, which significantly reduced welfare benefits. He also repealed the Glass Steagall Act in 1999, which lifted strong regulations on the banks that were implemented by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The repeal played a big role in the Great Recession that took place in 2008-2011.

George W. Bush is well known for his two sets of tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, both of which heavily benefitted the wealthy, and also played a major role in the 2008 recession, as he refused to raise taxes while two wars were going on. He also signed the Patriot Act into law, suspiciously shortly after 9/11, rightly making people wonder if it was a planned attack for the purpose of suppressing freedom of speech by labeling violators as "terrorists".

Barack Obama is well known for Obamacare, which is a federal mandate to purchase health care, and likely a ponzi scheme to make health care providers richer, as premiums increased under this law.

And Donald Trump recently signed a huge tax cut for the wealthy into law, while taxes will go up for everybody else in 2025.

All of this, in the name of making their donors richer at the expense of the "little people".

How To Fix This

Simple. Get the money out of politics! If it was made illegal for corporations to bribe politicians, politicians wouldn't feel the need to make the rich richer, and have more freedom to govern according to the political indicators in their astrology charts. In Obama and Clinton's charts, the left wing economic and cultural indicators are very strong, so it's very likely that if they didn't have to be owned by multi million dollar corporations in order to get elected, they would have ran the country in a much more progressive manner, similar to the likes of Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. As long as big money is involved in politics, the rich will continue to get richer at the expense of the poor.

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008, and will be there until shortly after the 2024 election. It is no coincidence that the Great Recession started when Pluto first went into Capricorn, and that the issues regarding money in politics have been at the forefront throughout this transit. The Mueller Investigation, with Trump, Kushner, and many other Republicans being investigated for collusion with Russia, as well as money laundering, is likely a precursor to future laws prohibiting big money from influencing elections. With Pluto, the transformer, in Capricorn, the sign of government and big business, laws making the bribery of politicians illegal will be inevitable.

And these oligarchs know this, which is why the US Government is growing more and more authoritarian every year, in an attempt to slow down these changes, before Pluto enters the humanitarian sign of Aquarius for good in 2024. However, nobody beats astrology in the end, and it's foolish to believe that you can.

Eventually, the government will once again serve its original role, to work in the best interests of its citizens, keep us safe, and ensure us a good quality of life, but that won't happen until the oligarchy that has been in place for close to 40 years collapses.