Friday, October 6, 2017

The GOP, Pro Life? More Like Anti Life

Over the last few days, some old Obama era laws have been repealed or are in the process of being repealed, such as removing the regulations on birth control, enabling employers to not cover birth control for religious reasons, and proposing to repeal the Clean Power Act, which would result in an increase of pollution, which would result in a decline in the quality of life for everyone. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has also announced the reversal of protections of transgender citizens from discrimination in the workplace, making them once again prone to harassment, which results in a lower quality of life. And the whole year, especially the summer, was known for continuous efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, which would have resulted in millions losing coverage, reducing their quality of life. Get a pattern here? The Republican party is known as the "pro life" party, because of their opposition to abortion, but does that really make them pro life, when the vast majority of their policies negatively effect the quality of life of the American citizens?

In a word, no.

Any political party that supports taking away people's health care with the replacements allowing insurers to deny coverage for pre existing conditions, that supports cutting programs the neediest citizens depend on in order to support tax cuts for the wealthy, as well as wars where innocent people die, that supports eliminating environmental restrictions, resulting in a lower quality of air to breathe, supports the discrimination of the LGBT community, supports easier access to semi automatic weapons (I do not support taking away of guns in general, as a disarmed population leads to tyranny), and supports restricting access to birth control, which prevents the abortions they're against from taking place, is not truly pro life. You cannot be pro life and support policies like this, that will have a negative effect on the quality of life of the American citizens. Not to be divisive, but anybody who votes Republican and/or supports Trump is supporting these policies.

And the thing is, most people who vote Republican are Christian. If you're a Republican and reading this, do you really think Jesus would be in favor of anti life policies, like those of the Republican party ever since Reagan's presidency? Would Jesus support cutting people's food stamps or taking away people's health care in order to fund wars and tax cuts for the wealthy, when the wealth gap has never been more extreme and is only getting wider? Would Jesus support restricted access to birth control, even though it prevents abortions, which are more risky? Would Jesus support everybody having low quality air to breathe?

From what I've read in the Bible, very doubtful. Yet Christians, by voting Republican, are supporting policies that are so against the very nature of the Christ they worship every Sunday. Jesus said nothing about gay marriage or abortion, yet said that it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich masn to enter the Kingdom of God, chased the bankers out of the temple, and said "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the Children of God". Does any of that fit the GOP's political platform?

The Aquarian Age

In astrology, it is well known that we're in the transition period between the Piecean Age and the Aquarian Age. Christianity is a product of the Piscean Age, as shown by one of its symbols being a fish. The shadow side of Pisces represents illusions, and the Piscean Age has been full of illusions, mainly how our current financial system is supposedly good for us when the rich are getting richer at the expense of everyone else, and how we supposedly have a voice when the elite oligarchs control our elected officials. The conservative Christian mindset, that they are actually following Jesus' teachings, can also be considered an illusion. In this transitional period, new ideas are gaining momentum, such as single payer health care and Universal Basic Income, which would have been considered crazy 15 years ago, and the combination of the truth coming out (Aquarius rules truth), as well as these new energies, has the elite scared of losing their power, and thus the politicians they control are in the process of increasing the suppression, to slow down the inevitable change. This is why both the GOP and the Democratic party have been more extreme than ever the last few years, to divide us.

What should we do to really be pro life? Simple. Treat others how you'd want to be treated. Jesus also said "Love your neighbor as thyself. There is no commandment greater than these", and it is no secret that we've gone far away from that. Going back to doing that is the only way to be pro life, as well as overcome the oppressors, as they want us to be divided and at each other's throats, so we can't unite as one.

Marsha Blackburn

This post is on Tennessee representative Marsha Blackburn, who will be running for Bob Corker's Senate seat next year.


Leftist- Venus and its ruler Mercury trine Neptune, ruler of 2nd house Pluto conjunct South Node and sextile Neptune
Rightist- Coruler of 2nd house Mars on 2nd house cusp trine and parallel North Node, North Node parallel 2nd house cusp

Mixed, which usually means a fiscal conservative.


Leftist- Ruler of Moon Pluto conjunct South Node and sextile Neptune
Rightist- Coruler of Moon Mars trine and parallel North Node, Moon square the Nodes, ruler of 4th house Saturn sesquiquadrate South Node, 4th house cusp at Moon/North Node midpoint

Cultural conservative.


Libertarian- Ruler of Pallas Mars sesquiquadrate Sun and trine/parallel North Node
Authoritarian- Mars in Scorpio opposite Jupiter and quintile Pluto, Pallas sesquiquadrate Pluto and biquintile South Node

Mixed, leaning authoritarian.

Fiscally and socially to the right, mixed Pallas- Right wing partisan

This describes her ideology very well.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Kim Jong Un

This post is on Kim Jong Un, the communist dictator of North Korea. I set the chart to Cancer rising as his face strongly resembles Cancer rising, and late Cancer rising gives him Aries midheaven, which describes him well as Mars is conjunct Pluto in his chart.


Leftist- Venus conjunct South Node, ruler of Venus Jupiter conjunct Neptune and parallel South Node, ruler of 2nd house Sun parallel Neptune and South Node
Rightist- Nothing

Fiscal liberal, which is expected for a communist.


Leftist- Moon in Pisces, ruler of 4th house Venus conjunct South Node, ruler of Moon Neptune parallel South Node, coruler Jupiter conjunct Neptune and parallel South Node
Rightist- Moon square the Nodes

Cultural liberal.


Libertarian- Coruler of Pallas Saturn quincunx North Node, sextile Sun, and semi square Mercury, ruler of Pallas Uranus parallel Sun, Pallas trine North Node
Authoritarian- Pallas square Pluto, Uranus conjunct South Node, Saturn semi square Jupiter

More Libertarian aspects but only the parallel is strong as the trine is wide at 8 degrees. More on the "mixed Pallas" side, like Trump is ironically.

Fiscally and socially to the left, mixed Pallas- Left wing partisan

This shows his communist ideology in his chart, unlike Fidel Castro.

Consideration Cycle

Assimilative Will (feminine Moon, feminine Saturn)
Reversed Thought (feminine Mercury, masculine Uranus)
Reversed Feeling (masculine Venus, feminine Neptune as Neptune is past 29'20 Sagittarius and direct)
Balanced Judgment (masculine Mars, feminine Pluto)
Reversed Power (masculine Jupiter, feminine Sun)

Three reversals in his thought, feeling, and power systems, the latter of which makes him an intolerant rightist, which means collectivist in this theory (communism is as collectivist as it gets as it's not individualist since there's no freedom in communism, and the same with fascism), and being 80% rightist overall easily overwhelms the innate compassion and empathy that his feminine Pluto and Neptune give him respectively. Either way, both theories describe him very well.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Roy Moore

This post is on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.


Leftist- Venus biquintile Neptune and parallel South Node, ruler of Venus Saturn trine South Node
Rightist- Taurus rules 2nd house, North Node in 2nd house, Venus square the Nodes, Saturn parallel 2nd house cusp

Fiscal conservative.


Leftist- Ruler of Moon Pluto sextile Neptune and trine South Node, coruler Mars trine Neptune, Moon parallel 12th house cusp
Rightist- Moon quincunx North Node, Cancer rules 4th house, 4th house cusp at Pluto/North Node midpoint, Mars trine North Node, Pluto parallel 4th house cusp

Cultural conservative.


Libertarian- Ruler of Pallas Uranus trine Sun and parallel North Node
Authoritarian- Pallas opposite Pluto, Uranus sextile/parallel Pluto, coruler Saturn trine Pluto and conjunct South Node

The authoritarian factors easily win, which is expected for someone who says that God's law trumps the Constitution.

Fiscally and socially to the right, aggressive Pallas- Right wing authoritarian

Like usual, this describes Roy Moore perfectly. He may be against the establishment, but that does not mean he'll be good.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Thomas More

This post is on philosopher Thomas More.


Leftist- Ruler of Venus Mars semi sextile Neptune, South Node in 2nd house, ruler of 2nd house Saturn square Neptune, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune
Rightist- Venus trine North Node, Mars quintile North Node

Fiscal liberal.


Leftist- Moon trine Neptune and contraparallel 12th house cusp, ruler of Moon Sun in Pisces square Neptune, ruler of 4th house Moon semi sextile Neptune
Rightist- Moon quintile North Node

Cultural liberal.


Libertarian- Ruler of Pallas Mars trine Sun and Mercury and quintile North Node, Mars parallel Sun, Pallas parallel Mercury and trine North Node
Authoritarian- Mars opposite Jupiter and semi sextile Pluto

Defensive Pallas.

Fiscally and socially to the left, defensive Pallas- Left Libertarian

This describes him very well.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Monica Garcia- Revised

This is a revised post on Baldwin Park city council member Monica Garcia, who looks like Scorpio rising in better pictures of her.


Leftist- Venus square Neptune on 2nd house cusp, ruler of 2nd house Jupiter sesquiquadrate Neptune and contraparallel 12th house cusp, South Node in Taurus, ruler of Venus Mercury contraparallel Neptune
Rightist- Venus square the Nodes, Mercury quincunx North Node and contraparallel 2nd house cusp

Fiscal liberal.


Leftist- Moon squine Neptune, ruler of 4th house Uranus on 12th house cusp quincunx South Node, Moon contraparallel 12th house cusp, coruler of 4th house Saturn contraparallel and sesquiquadrate Neptune
Rightist- Ruler of Moon Sun in Cancer, Saturn in Cancer trine North Node, Moon elevated and square the Nodes

Cultural liberal.


Libertarian- Ruler of Pallas Mars quintile Sun, Pallas trine North Node
Authoritarian- Mars quincunx and parallel Pluto, Pallas opposite Pluto

Aggressive Pallas.

Fiscally and socially to the left, aggressive Pallas- Left wing authoritarian

The left wing indicators are still prevalent.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Partisan Politics- How To Solve The Problem

This is a post from my other blog, The Aquarian Paradigm, that also fits the subject matter here as well. If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend that you do so, as its purpose is to explain why the events that are going on right now are happening, as well as archive some very important knowledge in one place.

Over the last few years, the divide and conquer game that has been implemented by the elites has become very prominent. Pro life vs. pro choice, gay marriage vs. traditional marriage, creationism vs. evolution, rich vs. poor, liberal vs. conservative, capitalism vs. socialism, white vs. minority, flat earth vs. round earth, etc. Like I've mentioned before, all of this is to distract us from the real enemy, the elites, also known as the Illuminati.

And it's destroying our society.

While the Democratic and Republican parties have existed for years, the friction between the left and the right has never been greater. A lot of it is because both parties are prioritizing the needs of the party over the needs of the general population, but we need to take a lot of the blame as well. We're supposed to be the UNITED States of America, yet we're letting the divide and conquer game and party politics tear us apart, when our leaders are taking orders from the "deep state". It wouldn't even surprise me if events like Charlottesville were planned for the purpose of taking away our freedom of speech. After all, the Obama years were full of false flag attacks designed to try and implement gun control, and the Patriot Act was signed suspiciously shortly after 9/11, making it likely that it was written prior to the attack.

How do we solve this problem?

In my Left Wing Astrology blog, I expanded on Alan Lin's theory of identifying political ideology in the natal chart to include the charts of celebrities, local and state politicians, and people I know, while using my knowledge of how to determine people's rising signs. In my expansion, the theory still holds up in a big way. This proves that people are naturally liberal or conservative, as well as naturally ethical. If this method becomes mainstream knowledge, we can avoid electing ethically bankrupt politicians, which a large amount of the GOP and Democratic "establishment" politicians are. If we understand that our political differences are shown in our natal charts, we'd then understand that there is no right or wrong ideology, which would put an end to the divide and conquer game immediately. After all, an economic crash or loss of freedom of speech will effect everyone, not just the left or the right.

To put it shortly, we need to put our differences aside, not fall for the divide and conquer game, and unite against the real enemy that has enslaved all of us for over 200 years.