Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Alex Trebek

This post is on game show host Alex Trebek.


Leftist- Venus square Neptune, ruler of Venus Mercury sextile Neptune,Venus quintile South Node
Rightist- Nothing

Fiscal liberal.


Leftist- Moon in Pisces
Rightist- Moon parallel North Node, ruler of 4th house Jupiter quincunx North Node

Cultural conservative.


Libertarian- Pallas ruled by Mercury which is conjunct Sun, Pallas at Sun/North Node and Mercury/North Node midpoints
Authoritarian- Mercury conjunct Pluto

Defensive Pallas.

Fiscally to the left, socially to the right, defensive Pallas- Libertarian

The strong Pallas likely moves him to the right economically as well. Game show hosts are way more conservative than Hollywood actors and actresses and talk show hosts as a whole, and their charts show it.

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