Sunday, March 26, 2017

Susie Meister

This post is on reality TV star Susie Meister, who revealed that she was a Christian conservative who became liberal after researching scripture and finding Jesus' true message.


Leftist- Venus trine Neptune in 2nd house, ruler of 2nd house Jupiter trine Neptune, ruler of Venus Sun trine Neptune
Rightist- Nothing

Fiscal liberal.


Leftist- South Node in 4th house, Moon in Pisces square Neptune, coruler of Moon Jupiter trine Neptune, ruler of 4th house Uranus semi sextile Neptune and trine South Node, coruler Saturn square Jupiter
Rightist- Saturn conjunct North Node, Uranus parallel 4th house cusp, Jupiter contra parallel 4th house cusp

Cultural liberal.


Libertarian- Ruler of Pallas Uranus square Sun, coruler Saturn conjunct North Node, Uranus contraparallel Sun and Mercury, Pallas opposite Sun
Authoritarian- Uranus square Jupiter and semi sextile Pluto, Saturn parallel Pluto

Defensive Pallas.

Fiscally and socially to the left, defensive Pallas- Principled Progressive

This describes her well and the right wing indicators that are there were likely in effect when she was conservative, as the final ideology is more prevalent than the previous ideology (which is the case of Elizabeth Warren, who used to be a Republican as well).

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