Monday, April 24, 2017

Chris Benoit

This post is on former professional wrestler Chris Benoit.


Leftist- Venus trine South Node
Rightist- North Node in Taurus on 2nd house cusp

Fiscal conservative.


Leftist- Moon semi sextile Neptune, ruler of 4th house Mercury quindecile Neptune and biquintile South Node
Rightist- Ruler of Moon Venus in Cancer, Mercury parallel 4th house cusp, Moon quindecile North Node

Cultural conservative.


Libertarian- Pallas ruled by and conjunct Mercury
Authoritarian- Mercury square Pluto and biquintile South Node, Jupiter at Mercury/Pluto midpoint

Aggressive Pallas.

Fiscally and socially to the right, aggressive Pallas- Right wing authoritarian

This describes him well and the midpoint and Pluto square are what gave him the potential to murder, along with Uranus conjunct Pluto on the descendant (his look is most like Pisces rising), which would make for erratic behavior, and that with the brain damage are also factors.

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