Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Today's Society and Inspector Gadget- The Similarities

In 1983, the cartoon Inspector Gadget first aired. It is about a naive police inspector who always trusts the bad guys he's supposed to capture and arrest, while his niece and dog always solve the case for him,without his knowledge. Sounds basic enough, but when you look past the surface, there are a lot of parallels between Inspector Gadget and the nature of today's society.

MAD- The Illuminati

In Inspector Gadget, MAD is a malevolent criminal organization run by Dr. Claw. While based in Metro City, their crimes are worldwide and MAD even has its own logo that's on all their property, similar to the Illuminati symbolism present in every logo today.

MAD logo

Illuminati symbolism in corporate logos

MAD Agents- Our politicians, celebrities, journalists, etc.

While on his missions, Gadget always encounters the MAD Agents in the early part of the show, and always believes they're friendly people who truly want to help him. This is no different than what most of humanity considers their politicians, celebrities, journalists, etc.

Dr. Claw- Jehovah/Yahweh

It's well known that the Illuminati is controlled by Zionist Jews, and the God of Judaism is Jehovah/Yahweh. In the Old Testament, Jehovah is shown as very malevolent, being a vengeful God who performs human sacrifice. In Inspector Gadget, MAD is run by Dr. Claw, who is very malevolent and vengeful, obsessed with power and World domination (like the Illuminati), and most importantly, never got his come-uppance throughout the show as he always escaped.

Dr. Claw's face revealed

Does THIS look like a benevolent being to you?

Inspector Gadget- Society

In Inspector Gadget, Gadget is a very well mannered, benevolent man, yet very naive as he ALWAYS believes the MAD Agents he has to capture are benevolent and working in his best interests, even when the MAD symbolism is right in front of him! This is no different than how our society trusts it's government and believes it's working in its best interests (at least before 2008), even when the Illuminati symbolism is right in front of them.

Penny and Brain- Lightworkers

In every episode of Inspector Gadget, it's Gadget's niece Penny (who's a kid) and dog Brain who always solve the case for him, without him knowing. They can see through the MAD Agents and know they're up to no good. If it weren't for them, Dr. Claw would easily succeed in one mission. This is no different than us Lightworkers, who can see what's really going on between the government and big business, and that we need to bring their crimes to the surface as the rest are too asleep to do so.

Chief Quimby- The Higher Power

At the start of every episode, Chief Quimby- gives Gadget his assignment in a very secret hiding place. This is like how our Creator gives each age group their "assignments" (Pluto in Libra to improve relationships and fight for social justice, Pluto in Scorpio to unearth the secrets, etc.), yet it's mainly the most awakened, the Lightworkers, who get the job done.

This is all actually very revealing when you analyze the roles and characters in the show, despite it being an animated children's cartoon. I don't know if the creators of the show were actually aiming for these subtle similarities, but it's very interesting nonetheless.

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