Friday, March 17, 2017

Astrology and Comparative Religion- A Response

This is a response to a very interesting post by Libertarian astrologer Alan Lin on religion:

In this post, he mentions how Christianity is a Palladian religion, in that it is focused on the Apollonian/Dionysian axis of good and evil (or Libertarian/Authoritarian). This is true, though one cannot ignore that the religion has been taken over by some of the Lunar characteristics he mentioned, mainly in the conservative denominations.

Faith- One of the key components of Christianity, especially in conservative denominations, is that the only way to get to Heaven is to just have faith, in that good works don't matter. With this theology, you can live a perfect life, but go to Hell, because you didn't confess Christ to be your savior. And the opposite could happen, in that somebody could live a life of crime, yet claim Jesus as their savior on their deathbed, which would allow them to get to Heaven, and also mean that no justice would be served. That is quite authoritarian, as it gives off the message that being a good person is pointless, which is the opposite of Palladian.

Nationalism- It is well known that conservative Christian denominations push a patriotic doctrine, as they pushed support of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars hard, and are also a major force in the opposition against ISIS (like McCarthyism, but replace "the bomb" with Sharia Law). This is why cultural conservatives often have left wing economic indicators despite being against socialism, as they can have strong support for excessive military spending in the name of "keeping us safe". Christian conservatives also support Israel at all costs along with the US, regardless if they're in the right or wrong. Blindly supporting a country like it's "your team" is very dangerous, and thus not Palladian.

Social Issues- The Moon and its ruler in aspect to the North Node, 4th house and its ruler, and the sign of Cancer, while indicating nationalism, also indicate a conservative stance on social issues, most notably abortion and gay rights. It is no coincidence that conservative denominations push a strong anti abortion and gay marriage stance, and claim that a vote for people who support abortion and gay rights is a vote against God. Pallas is very libertarian on social issues and is against forcing someone's world view on others. Conservative Christian denominations want to make abortion and gay marriage illegal, while some people in these denominations even want Christianity to be the official religion of the country, which would make it a theocracy. This is denying people the right to choice, and thus not Palladian. The government needs to be secular, as the theocracies in the world today are anything but peaceful.

In Christianity, Jesus consistently preached giving to the poor (many right wing Christians do that, but it's counter productive to also be voting for the party that looks to cut social programs that benefit the poor in order to fund wars, which kill innocent people, or implement corporate welfare, as you're contributing to and enabling the problem as a result) and one of his main messages was "Love your neighbor as yourself", which basically means that you should treat others like you want to be treated. That is a Palladian/Libertarian principle. If you think abortion is wrong, don't get an abortion. If you're against gay marriage, don't marry your own gender. If you're against guns, don't get one. But don't force those into law, as it would be oppressing people's freedoms. Conservatives call the Democrats supporters of the" nanny state", but getting involved in marriage, sexuality, and what people can do with their bodies is also getting too involved in people's lives.

My view: As the Illuminati controls everything, and Zionist Jews are at the top of the Illuminati pyramid, Christianity today is leading its congregations away from the teachings of Libertarian Jesus/Sun towards the teachings of Authoritarian Yahweh/Jehovah/Moon, who is the central figure of Judaism. The whole system is authoritarian. When you're 5, you start going to school for 7-8 hours 5 days a week for around 8 months (11 week summer break, two week Christmas break, one week Thanksgiving and Spring break factored in) of the year. When you're 18 you go to 4 more years of school in College, which gives you a little more freedom, in order to get a high paying job unless you're an athlete or other mainstream celebrity, then you work an average of 8 hours as day, 5 days a week, for over 40 years until you qualify for retirement, in order to have a halfway decent life (though the middle class is declining as our elected officials and the billionaires that own them just can't ever have enough). If you don't go through with that system, it will be very difficult to survive, which is not Palladian. Yahweh/Jehovah is often said to be Anu or Enlil of the Anunnaki, who are said to have created humanity as their slave race (which would explain why humans look nothing like the rest of the animal kingdom), and the serpent who told Eve to eat from the Tree of Life is often said to be Enki, the benevolent brother of Enlil. This would explain why conservative Christian churches are leading their congregations towards Yahweh and his authoritarian doctrine (anti gay, pro war, eye for an eye, "those who don't work shall not eat"... sounds a lot like the current GOP platform) rather than Jesus' true Palladian message of loving unconditionally and making sure everyone's needs are met unconditionally.

Christianity, and the world itself, needs to go back to the Palladian teachings of Jesus rather than the Authoritarian teachings of Yahweh/Jehovah and Paul. Love your neighbor as yourself, respect their rights, and make sure the needs of everyone are met unconditionally. This would likely require that the theory that Lin created and I expanded upon becomes mainstream knowledge, as it's unlikely that humanity would ever accept that political ideology and generational differences are innate without the astrological truth being revealed, whether it's from a government that works in our best interests, the indfigo/crystal/rainbow adults, aliens, or even Jesus himself if he really exists. Pluto entering Aquarius, the sign of freedom and truth, after the US Pluto return is a good indicator of a society like that actually happening. The world cannot continue to go on its current path of war and division.

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