Sunday, April 9, 2017

Jeff Jarrett

This post is on former professional wrestler Jeff Jarrett.


Leftist- Venus opposite Neptune in 2nd house, ruler of Venus Mercury trine Neptune, South Node on 2nd house cusp, ruler of 2nd house Pluto sextile Neptune, coruler Mars semi sextile Neptune
Rightist- North Node in Taurus

Fiscal liberal.


Leftist- Ruler of Moon Mercury trine Neptune
Rightist- North Node at Mercury/Moon midpoint

Mixed, leaning right.


Libertarian- Pallas semi square Mercury, ruler of Pallas Venus sextile Mercury
Authoritarian- Pallas trine Pluto


Fiscally to the left, socially to the right, mixed Pallas- Right wing partisan

This describes him well, as his Twitter account has him following TBN, which points to him being an Evangelical Christian.

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