Sunday, July 23, 2017

The GOP- The "Christian" Party

For close to 40 years, the GOP has been known as the "Christian" party, mainly due to its anti abortion and pro traditional marriage stances. But, does it really represent true Christian values?


One of the major symbols in Christianity is the fish. In astrology, the sign of the fish is Pisces, which is the sign of compassion, sacrifice, and spirituality. The central figure of Christianity, Jesus, represented all of these things. He chased the bankers out of the temple, not bailing them out or giving them a tax cut. He told the rich man to sell all of his possessions, not to hoard his wealth. He was against the Pharisees, who were the religious extremists of his day, and even broke the rules of his religion, Judaism, if it was in the act of love. Jesus never said anything about abortion or gay marriage (the anti homosexuality verses in the Bible are from the Old Testament and Paul's books, which preach a message that's extremely authoritarian and fear based, the opposite of Jesus and the sign of Pisces), saying that if you love your neighbor as yourself, the law will be fulfilled. Do you see ANY of these qualities in Donald Trump? Or even George W. Bush?

Of course not.

While the GOP has provided nothing but lip service in regards to the abortion issue, as they have yet to repeal Roe vs. Wade, they pressured Bill Clinton into repealing the Glass Steagall act, which imposed regulations on bankers, were a big factor in the passage of NAFTA, which is a major factor in the rich getting wealthier through the outsourcing of jobs, passed the Patriot Act, which is a way to suppress dissent by labeling it as "terrorism", made an aggressive push to privatize Social Security after the 2004 election, which resulted in the Democrats gaining control of Congress in 2006, and have made another aggressive push throughout Trump's presidency so far to repeal Obamacare, which would lead to millions of Americans losing their health care. They have also started the Gulf War and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while being dangerously close to war with North Korea at the moment. The Iraq war was solely because of oil, as Saddam had no involvement in 9/11, nor did Iraq have nuclear weapons, meaning that thousands died for the purpose of making the oil companies richer.

If you have read the Bible, Jesus would have been strongly against the policies of today's GOP, as they promote materialism, selfishness, authoritarianism, warfare, class warfare, and extreme nationalism. Everything that is the opposite of the sign of the fish, Pisces. It is no coincidence that with Neptune in Pisces right now, that these materialistic and authoritarian philosophies are losing relevance, when stuff like health care, food, water, clothing, and a roof over your head should be a RIGHT. This is why Bernie Sanders had lots of momentum last year, with his single payer Medicare expansion for all, and why the idea of a Universal Basic Income is slowly gaining traction, and even being implemented in a few communities. Why would a loving God want us to fight for survival? Wouldn't a loving God want us all to prosper and live quality lives unconditionally?

Unless the God the GOP follows isn't really loving. The central figure of Judaism, Yahweh, is also the God of the Old Testament who was heavily into human sacrifice, and Judaism temples worship on Saturday. If you know astrotheology, Saturday is SatURNday, and Saturn is remarkably similar to "Satan" (Christians worship on SUNday, and Jesus is the Son or "Sun" of God. Saturn and the sign of Capricorn also rule the father in astrology, as Capricorn's polarity point of the Moon and the sign of Cancer rule the mother). The Illuminati is run by Zionist Jews, most notably the Rothschilds. Also notable is that humans were said to have been created as a slave race by the Anunnaki, and the traits of Yahweh are remarkably similar to the traits of Enlil, while the beginning of the bible states "Let US make man in OUR image". How does that sentence make sense unless multiple beings created us? After all, humans look much different than the rest of the animal kingdom and like what an alien/animal hybrid would look like. And the word "Elohim" in the Bible refers to a plural identity, like the Anunnaki. All of this a coincidence? I think not.

The Illuminati tricking Christians into supporting policies that Jesus wouldn't have supported? I can believe that.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The GOP Health Care Bill- Why Health Care Should Be Singlepayer

One of the main focuses this summer has been the attempted repeal of Obamacare by the GOP. The current bill would leave millions of people uninsured if it passes, but the biggest eye opener is that congress would be exempt from the bill if it passes. In what way is congress making laws that don't apply to them acceptable? While I've been critical of Obamacare in the past, mainly because it's a ponzi scheme to make health care providers richer through a mandate and increased prices, uninsuring millions of Americans is not the answer, as it is only a return to the outdated status quo. The answer?

Single Payer Healthcare.

As I have mentioned before, the country and everyone in it has been under the influence of Neptune in Pisces since April 2011 (the kids born with Neptune in Pisces will have this influence for the rest of their lives). This is significant since Neptune is in its own sign, and both Neptune and the sign of Pisces rule compassion and sacrifice. Therefore, it is no coincidence that since 2011, there's been a push for our elected officials to be more compassionate, and sacrificing their own status (which will be a fight, as many congress members and president Donald Trump have Pluto in Leo, the sign that rules status and royalty) for the betterment of all. After all, it doesn't make sense to have to pay money to be healthy, as that should be a right when you think about it long and hard. Single payer health care, through a Medicare expansion, would have everyone in the country insured. So why is it such a bad idea to the GOP? Because it's "socialist"? The current system, designed to make the rich richer and the country dependent on warfare, has the country trillions of dollars in debt and another economic collapse will likely happen in the next few years. With the middle class declining rapidly and the country being close to another revolution (the US Pluto return will happen in March 2022), change is needed that will ensure a better quality of life for all Americans without being enslaved to the system, and single payer health care (along with universal basic income) will be a change that will provide that.

The better question is: WHY are we so scared of that? Change is good sometimes, and this time it's necessary considering the current Pluto in Capricorn (which rules government, institutions, and big business) and Neptune in Pisces transits, as well as the Uranus in Taurus (which rules money and material possessions) transit that will start next year. With the transformer (Pluto) and the planet of unexpected change and rebellion (Uranus) in the two most materialistic signs, and Neptune, the planet of compassion and sacrifice, in its own sign, the outdated status quo that is not in humanity's best interests cannot continue, and the sooner it changes, the less chaotic it will be.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Neptune Generations: The Image and Culture of Our Society

In generational astrology, the sign Neptune is in represents the image and culture of the age group. This also means that the sign Neptune is in is the image and culture of the time period, as everyone born is "trapped" with the astrological weather of the time they were born for the rest of their life, and with the outer planets, generations are basically "torchbearers" for the time period they grew up in, which is why people tend to be nostalgic for their childhood years, as Pluto and Neptune stay in the same sign for years after a person is born unless they're at the tail end of a generation. Because of this, Neptune's influence is very significant, despite it not being as personal as the Sun, Moon, ascendant, or inner planets.

Neptune in Leo (1914-1929)

This was the Roaring Twenties, as the culture of these years was based on celebrities, movies, jazz music, and extroversion in general after the invention of the telephone and automobile. As a result, the children born during this era have a warmth and thirst for the "good life" that the generation after them didn't (also with Pluto in Cancer).

Neptune in Virgo (1928-1943)

This was the Great Depression and WWII. The culture in this era basically WAS the Depression, as people just wanted a job and a roof over their head, which many didn't have then. The children born during this era are more serious than the Neptune in Leo Pluto Cancers, as Neptune in Virgo was a more serious era in general.

Neptune in Libra (1942-1957)

The postwar era. These years were known for classical music (Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby), postwar prosperity, conforming to social norms (one of the shadow sides of Libra is vanity and wanting to fit in, which is why many Baby Boomers and Gen Xers come off as vain as they have Neptune and Pluto in Libra respectively), and overall peace after the Depression and WWII. As a result, the children born during this era are known as the "flower children" and made up the majority of the Vietnam War protesters, as their desire for peace along with their Pluto Leo pride led to the Hippie movement.

Neptune in Scorpio (1955-1970)

The Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll era. These years were when the Neptune in Libras became teenagers and young adults, and became rebellious in a way that the previous generations weren't. The Hippie movement, Vietnam protests, Summer of Love, and Woodstock all took place during Neptune in Scorpio, as well as the JFK and MLK assassinations (Scorpio rules violence and secrets). This era was dominated by classic rock, and the main acts during this era, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and The Doors to name a few, were a big part of the Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll culture. Motown, girl groups, rockabilly, and Doo Wop were also big during this time, but more in tune with Pluto in Virgo. As a result of the cynicism of this era, the children born in this era are very cynical in nature (like the Pluto Scorpios in the mid 80s-mid 90s), and are the first "tattoo generation" (the other Scorpio generations, Uranus in Scorpio from 1974-1981 and Pluto in Scorpio from 1983-1995, are also heavily tattooed).

Neptune in Sagittarius (1970-1984)

After the cynical 60s, the Neptune in Sagittarius 70s and early 80s was way more vibrant. This was the era of disco, arena rock, and new wave music, all of which had more vibrant and unique sounds than that of the 60s. Bands that were active in the 60s, like the Rolling Stones and The Who, changed their sound to a more 70s style sound, and the lyrics to the songs had more to do with love and relationships (Libra, as the artists that were big during Neptune in Sagittarius had Neptune in Libra and Pluto was also in Libra at the same time as Neptune in Sagittarius) than sex and drugs (Scorpio). Also prevalent during this era was the rise of religious fundamentalism, as a response to Roe vs. Wade and the previous Hippie culture. As a result, the children born during this era tend to be very jovial and vibrant, and the conservatives born during this era tend to be extreme religious fundamentalists.

Neptune in Capricorn (1984-1998)

The materialism culture. As a member of this generation, I was subject to the idea that the goal (Capricorn) in life was to be what you want to be in order to get a lot of money in order to buy material possessions. In the early-mid 90s, some of the most well known commercials were the Sally Struthers ICS commercials, which were Neptune in Capricorn at its most in your face (they're on YouTube if you haven't experienced them). The music associated with Neptune in Capricorn tended to be more slower than the previous era, as soft rock and easy listening music became dominant (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, George Michael, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, etc.), as well as heavy metal, rap, grunge, and hair bands, which were more in tune with Pluto in Scorpio. Also playing a big part of Neptune in Capricorn was the family TV boom, as numerous sitcoms (Fresh Prince, Roseanne, Family Matters, Full House, Cosby Show, Married With Children, Home Improvement, Seinfeld, Saved By The Bell, Cheers, Different World, Friends, Boy Meets World, Step By Step, Wonder Years, etc.) and cartoons (Doug, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, Aaahh! Real Monsters, Hey Arnold, The Angry Beavers, etc.) were all big during this era. As a result, the children born during this era, like myself, have a very serious and determined nature.

Neptune in Aquarius (1998-2012)

The technology culture. When Neptune in Aquarius hit, the internet and cell phones became mainstream, social media became a tool used by everyone (Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all have Neptune in Aquarius with Pluto in Sagittarius), and reality TV became a mainstay on TV, giving normal people the chance to become stars. Neptune in Aquarius was known for being the era of Nu Metal (like metal, but with DJs and turntables being used), indie rock, emo, and techno pop, while Boy Bands and bubblegum pop were also prevalent but more in tune with Pluto in Sagittarius. As a result, the children born during this era are very eccentric in nature.

Neptune in Pisces (2011-2026)

This transit is still ongoing, but some common themes of this era are a rise in alternative spirituality and the PC culture. Pisces rules compassion as well as sensitivity, so it's no coincidence that the PC culture only came into existence during the Neptune in Pisces era. With Pluto in Capricorn happening at the same time, exposing the corruption in government and big business and making knowledge of the Illuminati more mainstream, Neptune in Pisces is making alternative spirituality more mainstream, as an alternative to the organized religions controlled by the Illuminati (Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Mormonism, etc. are all man-made religions and are pitted against each other in order to divide and conquer... a (New World) Order out of chaos (division creates chaos).

Like with Pluto, all Neptune eras are connected. Extroverted Neptune in Leo came before depressing Neptune in Virgo, which came before peaceful Neptune in Libra, which came before cynical Neptune in Scorpio, which came before jovial Neptune in Sagittarius, which came before serious Neptune in Capricorn, which came before eccentric Neptune in Aquarius, etc., and when these Neptune generations become young adults, Pluto enters the sign their Neptune was in at birth, destroying the illusions they were conditioned with during their childhood (Neptune also rules illusions). Also notable is that the masculine Neptune eras are more upbeat than the feminine Neptune eras, which goes hand in hand with the masculine Neptune generations having a more outward image and expression than their feminine Neptune counterparts, which I've noticed in person. In 2026, Neptune will go into Aries for good, which will likely result in a more upbeat era once again.

Dates of Neptune in the signs:

Saturday, July 1, 2017

The PC Culture- Why We Need To Work With It

Over the last few years, the PC Culture has become dominant. If you're against illegal immigration, you're labeled racist, if you're against gay marriage, you're homophobic, if you're against abortion or equal pay, you're sexist, if you're for abortion, you're a baby killer, etc. The thing is, that this is the lower vibration of a major astrological transit going on right now:

Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune first entered Pisces in April 2011, before retrograding into Aquarius in August before entering Pisces for good in February 2012. Neptune, as has been mentioned before, represents the culture of the times. Neptune in Scorpio was the sex and drug culture, Neptune in Sagittarius was the beginning of religious extremism (as a response to Roe vs. Wade, which I'll get into shortly), Neptune in Capricorn was the materialism culture, Neptune in Aquarius was the technology culture, and Neptune in Pisces is the PC and spirituality culture. Neptune also represents the image of a generation, as Neptune in Leo (1914-1929) has a warm image, Neptune in Virgo (1928-1943) has an ordinary image, Neptune in Libra (1942-1957) has a harmonious image, Neptune in Scorpio (1955-1970) has a powerful image, Neptune in Sagittarius (1970-1984) has an exotic image, Neptune in Capricorn (1984-1998) has a serious image, Neptune in Aquarius (1998-2012) has an eccentric image, and Neptune in Pisces (2011-2026) has a dreamy image. The effect of Neptune is clearly felt by everyone despite being much further away than the Sun, Moon, and inner planets, which have a more individual effect because of their short distance from Earth.

What is Neptune in Pisces trying to teach us? At its highest vibration, Neptune represents compassion, spirituality, and sacrifice, things that have been extremely lacking in the world, especially amongst the world's leaders. I have seen its effect first hand, especially in grocery stores, as whenever I have a small amount of items and am behind somebody with a cart full of items, I am usually asked if I want to go ahead of them. That never happened in the materialistic Neptune in Capricorn era. I have also noticed some Evangelical Christian conservatives embracing gay marriage and even mentioning their zodiac signs! Every sign has positives and negatives to it, and it's no coincidence that the elites who run the world push the lower vibrational aspects of the sign Neptune is currently in, knowing that they can't remove the influence altogether. Sex and drugs are the shadow side of Scorpio, religious extremism us the shadow side of Sagittarius, materialism is the shadow side of Capricorn, over reliance on technology at the expense of personal relationships is the shadow side of Aquarius, and not wanting to hear anything negative, regardless if it's truth or not, and preferring to live in an illusion is the shadow side of Pisces.

And when the kids born with Neptune in a certain sign become young adults, Pluto will be in that sign, destroying their illusions that they were exposed to during their childhood. Pluto in Libra resulted in liberal divorce laws, Roe vs. Wade (at the same time as Neptune in Sagittarius), and people wanting a "good guy" as president after the Watergate Scandal, Pluto in Scorpio destroyed "free sex" with HIV/AIDS, Pluto in Sagittarius exposed just how divisive religion is and 9/11 had a major effect on world travel, and Pluto in Capricorn, which is going on now (2008-2024), is exposing the corruption of government and big business, as well as the effects of materialism (the likes of the Walton Family and the Koch Brothers have enough to purchase every property in certain cities!). Pluto in the chart is how the generation transforms society and is the generation's core reality. Pluto in Cancer (1912-1939) is about family and patriotism at its core, and it's no coincidence that this generation were the young soldiers in WWII and the Korean War fighting for the country they and their families lived in, Pluto in Leo (1937-1958) is about creativity, status, and attention at its core, and it's no coincidence that they were the Hippies protesting the Vietnam War, Pluto in Virgo (1956-1972) is about health, technology, and service at its core, and technology expanded rapidly when they became adults, Pluto in Libra (1971-1984) is about fairness, relationships, and justice at its core, and it's no coincidence that Pluto in Libra natives often speak out in favor of equal pay, gay marriage, immigrants' rights, work/life balance, among other things on Facebook and Twitter (this generation makes up a large portion, if not the majority, of the Occupy Movement members and "SJWs" (Social Justice Warriors), Pluto in Scorpio (1983-1995) is about insight, secrecy, sexuality, and power at its core, and it's no coincidence that knowledge of the Illuminati became commonplace when this generation became adults, as well as transgender rights becoming mainstream. Pluto in Sagittarius (1995-2008) is about freedom and optimism at its core, though the oldest natives are only 22 years old, and as a result their influence hasn't been felt yet.

While it's not good to suppress any and all dissent because of sensitivity, Neptune in Pisces wants humanity to become more compassionate, understanding, and spiritual rather than materialistic, self centered, and religious, especially since Neptune is the planet that rules Pisces, and that often means letting go of dogmatic beliefs and materialistic philosophies, especially if they don't benefit the greater good (Pisces). That is an issue for the elites, who don't feel like they ever have enough, and thus they are pushing the lower vibration of Pisces in order to suppress true spiritual enlightenment.