Wednesday, January 1, 2025

Political Ideology In Astrology

This blog was started in December 2016 for the purpose of exposing the political and ethical natures of our elected officials, as well as putting an end to the political divide in this country, by revealing the fact that your political viewpoints are prevalent in your natal chart. The formula used in this blog is originated by Alan Lin, but expanded upon to include celebrities, athletes, local politicians, and people that I know, and using my knowledge of rising sign appearances, in order to make this formula airtight. The fact that your political viewpoints are nothing more than astrological impulses is why it's generally impossible to get someone to switch sides, unless an astrological transit occurs that allows it to happen, in which case the final ideology is prevalent in the chart (Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Tulsi Gabbard are prime examples, where the left wing indicators are more prevalent over the right wing indicators in their charts, despite them all having conservative pasts).

The Left

Economic leftism is indicated in the natal chart with Venus, the 2nd house, and/or their rulers in aspect to Neptune, the South Node, the 12th house, and the sign of Pisces. Cultural or social leftism is indicated in the natal chart with the Moon, the 4th house, and/or their rulers in aspect to Neptune, the South Node, the 12th house, and the sign of Pisces. In my examples, nearly everybody who's a Democrat has left wing economic indicators, while most also have left wing cultural indicators. The ones who don't are almost unanimously Latino Catholics, though this isn't a guarantee of cultural conservatism. These Latino Catholics share along with the socially liberal Democrats support for higher taxes on the wealthy, a strong safety net for the poor, a socialized public school system, a strong support for universal health care, among other things.

The Right

Economic conservatism is indicated in the natal chart with Venus, the 2nd house, and their rulers in aspect to the North Node, the 2nd house, and the sign of Taurus. Cultural or social conservatism is indicated in the natal chart with the Moon, the 4th house, and their rulers in aspect to the North Node, the 4th house, and the sign of Cancer. Unlike the left, where right wing economic indicators are almost nonexistent, it is very common for people on the right to have left wing economic indicators dominant in their chart. However, this doesn't exactly mean they support a strong safety net for the poor or higher taxes for the wealthy, as support for tariffs and excessive military spending, as well as fascism (the dissolution, Neptune, of wealth from the poor to the rich. Trump, Putin, Paul Ryan, Dick Cheney, Reagan, and the Bush politicians all have strong left wing economic indicators), can show up as left wing economics, as those systems go against a free market. Right wing cultural indicators are prevalent in most people on the right, as this can play out in many ways, most notably being anti abortion and same sex marriage, but also strong support for prayer in public schools, being pro military, strong immigration stances, anti environmental regulations, and a strong pro gun stance. Republican politicians often have a strong left wing pattern all around, especially in the southern states, as these people act as conservatives in order to get elected in red states. Lindsey Graham is the most notable of these people.


With the cultural conservatives analyzed in this blog tending to be very religious, this hints at people's religion also being fated, just like people's political viewpoints and careers, and I agree, which gives us even less reason to be divided, as everybody is living their path.


I have noticed that in Facebook photos, cultural conservatives have lots of family photos, which is in connection to the Republican party being the party of family values, whereas cultural liberals tend to have lots of photos of them traveling, which is in connection to being open minded to other cultures.


It is no coincidence that the "blue" states are adjacent to bodies of water (Pacific Coast, Hawaii, Great Lakes, Northeast) and that the "red" states are in more rural areas (the south, Midwest, Alaska). This plays out in astrology, as Neptune, the main significator of the left, rules a water sign, while the sign of Taurus is an Earth sign and the sign of Cancer, while being a water sign, is about the country as well as family values. This is why the blue states are known for their diversity and large safety nets, and the red states are known for their gun culture and religious values, as the south is known for Evangelical Christianity and the Midwest states, mainly Utah, are known for Mormonism.

Parental Influence

It is a common notion that people tend to develop their political ideologies from their parents; however, in the examples I have of people who are the same political party as their parents, they share the same exact astrological pattern as their parents.


The asteroid Pallas is the main indicator of a person's ethical nature. Pallas and its ruler in aspect to the Sun, Mercury, and the North Node indicates a strong ethical nature, whereas Pallas and its ruler in aspect to Pluto and the South Node, as well as hard aspects to Jupiter, indicate a weak ethical nature. It is no coincidence that the majority of our elected officials have the latter, known as "aggressive Pallas". Aggressive Pallas aspects have a connection to corruption, racism, extremism, and intolerance. The sooner we know about this, the sooner we can elect people who have a strong ethical compass and aren't in it solely for money and/or power.

Rising Sign Appearances

Aries Rising- Large head, eyebrows that arch like a ram's horns
Taurus Rising- Very sensual look, thick neck, eyebrows that arch like a bull's horns
Gemini Rising- Narrow face with a playful and curious look in the eyes
Cancer Rising- Round, puffy face with eyebrows that arch like a crescent Moon, very innocent look in the eyes
Leo Rising- Hair that stands out, very confident look
Virgo Rising- Narrow "V" shaped face, most ordinary rising sign appearance
Libra Rising- Round face with very balanced facial features, smile that stands out
Scorpio Rising- Intense, penetrating eyes, eyebrows that arch like Devil's horns
Sagittarius Rising- Narrow face with eyebrows that arch diagonally, energetic look
Capricorn Rising- Bony face with a prominent nose that hooks, giving these natives a goat-like appearance
Aquarius Rising- Square face with a very aloof or electric look in the eyes
Pisces Rising- Narrow face with a dreamy look in the eyes

Always look for possible aspects to the ascendant, especially conjunctions, when determining the person's rising sign, as I never, or very seldom, took them into consideration until recently. Also make sure the sign you suspect is the rising sign isn't the Sun sign or Moon sign as these signs also have a major influence on a person's appearance.

So What Does This Mean?

This means, basically, that there is no right or wrong political ideology, as it is proven that political ideologies are astrological complexes, and that everybody is basically living their path, which is why it doesn't make sense why the country is so divided between the left and the right. The ruling elite want the two sides to be at each other's throats, while they continue to conquer. Divide and conquer. There are way more of us than there are if them, yet we continue to fall into the trap. The knowledge in this blog is an attempt to put an end to the division, and get both sides to unite against the elite who don't care about anybody but themselves.