Friday, September 29, 2017

Kim Jong Un

This post is on Kim Jong Un, the communist dictator of North Korea. I set the chart to Cancer rising as his face strongly resembles Cancer rising, and late Cancer rising gives him Aries midheaven, which describes him well as Mars is conjunct Pluto in his chart.


Leftist- Venus conjunct South Node, ruler of Venus Jupiter conjunct Neptune and parallel South Node, ruler of 2nd house Sun parallel Neptune and South Node
Rightist- Nothing

Fiscal liberal, which is expected for a communist.


Leftist- Moon in Pisces, ruler of 4th house Venus conjunct South Node, ruler of Moon Neptune parallel South Node, coruler Jupiter conjunct Neptune and parallel South Node
Rightist- Moon square the Nodes

Cultural liberal.


Libertarian- Coruler of Pallas Saturn quincunx North Node, sextile Sun, and semi square Mercury, ruler of Pallas Uranus parallel Sun, Pallas trine North Node
Authoritarian- Pallas square Pluto, Uranus conjunct South Node, Saturn semi square Jupiter

More Libertarian aspects but only the parallel is strong as the trine is wide at 8 degrees. More on the "mixed Pallas" side, like Trump is ironically.

Fiscally and socially to the left, mixed Pallas- Left wing partisan

This shows his communist ideology in his chart, unlike Fidel Castro.

Consideration Cycle

Assimilative Will (feminine Moon, feminine Saturn)
Reversed Thought (feminine Mercury, masculine Uranus)
Reversed Feeling (masculine Venus, feminine Neptune as Neptune is past 29'20 Sagittarius and direct)
Balanced Judgment (masculine Mars, feminine Pluto)
Reversed Power (masculine Jupiter, feminine Sun)

Three reversals in his thought, feeling, and power systems, the latter of which makes him an intolerant rightist, which means collectivist in this theory (communism is as collectivist as it gets as it's not individualist since there's no freedom in communism, and the same with fascism), and being 80% rightist overall easily overwhelms the innate compassion and empathy that his feminine Pluto and Neptune give him respectively. Either way, both theories describe him very well.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Roy Moore

This post is on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.


Leftist- Venus biquintile Neptune and parallel South Node, ruler of Venus Saturn trine South Node
Rightist- Taurus rules 2nd house, North Node in 2nd house, Venus square the Nodes, Saturn parallel 2nd house cusp

Fiscal conservative.


Leftist- Ruler of Moon Pluto sextile Neptune and trine South Node, coruler Mars trine Neptune, Moon parallel 12th house cusp
Rightist- Moon quincunx North Node, Cancer rules 4th house, 4th house cusp at Pluto/North Node midpoint, Mars trine North Node, Pluto parallel 4th house cusp

Cultural conservative.


Libertarian- Ruler of Pallas Uranus trine Sun and parallel North Node
Authoritarian- Pallas opposite Pluto, Uranus sextile/parallel Pluto, coruler Saturn trine Pluto and conjunct South Node

The authoritarian factors easily win, which is expected for someone who says that God's law trumps the Constitution.

Fiscally and socially to the right, aggressive Pallas- Right wing authoritarian

Like usual, this describes Roy Moore perfectly. He may be against the establishment, but that does not mean he'll be good.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Thomas More

This post is on philosopher Thomas More.


Leftist- Ruler of Venus Mars semi sextile Neptune, South Node in 2nd house, ruler of 2nd house Saturn square Neptune, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune
Rightist- Venus trine North Node, Mars quintile North Node

Fiscal liberal.


Leftist- Moon trine Neptune and contraparallel 12th house cusp, ruler of Moon Sun in Pisces square Neptune, ruler of 4th house Moon semi sextile Neptune
Rightist- Moon quintile North Node

Cultural liberal.


Libertarian- Ruler of Pallas Mars trine Sun and Mercury and quintile North Node, Mars parallel Sun, Pallas parallel Mercury and trine North Node
Authoritarian- Mars opposite Jupiter and semi sextile Pluto

Defensive Pallas.

Fiscally and socially to the left, defensive Pallas- Left Libertarian

This describes him very well.