Sunday, February 26, 2017

The System In A Nutshell

You're born.
3-4 years later, you start preschool.
Then, you start REAL school, where you go 5 days a week for around 7 hours a day except for the summer, and you do homework every night so you're taught how to be a good worker and not question authority.
After 12 years of that, you have to go to college for four more years of it in order to get a good paying job.
Then, you work 5 days a week for around 8 hours in order to make ends meet. This goes on for 40 plus years.
If you were raised in a religious household or are religious, you go to church on one of your days off, where you are told that you were born a sinner, and that you need the forgiveness of Jesus or another "savior" of the religion in order to get to Heaven, or else you'll burn in Hell for eternity.
When you're around 65-70, you'll be eligible for retirement, which is around the age when most people can't work anymore, so it's basically a way of saying that you have to work to survive until you're not useful anymore.
Then, you die.

Crazy. Most people STILL don't notice that the current way of doing things is just a less in your face form of slavery (getting a reward, money, for your duties doesn't make it any less slavery). In a truly free society, people should be given the choice to want to succeed or not, but not have their survival depend on it. The needs of every person should be met unconditionally, otherwise society is not truly free.

People who are extremely wealthy don't have to go through the system mentioned above, but wealth often comes with having to be for the Illuminati agenda.

Pluto in Capricorn is making this more clear the longer it's in Capricorn.

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