Wednesday, January 22, 2020

VOTE BLUE in 2020 to save Democracy

Ever since January 20, 2017, I have seen the country that I was born in fall apart at the seams. Racism has made a "comeback" (exposing these people as absolute cowards). Immigrant children are being held in cages. Greed and hate are becoming normalized. And the most important thing is that our democracy is in DIRE jeopardy. With the evidence from the Mueller Report that Russia did indeed interfere in our elections, the convictions of Papadopoulos, Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Cohen, and Stone, the refusal of Mitch McConnell to bring legislation up for a vote and allow witnesses for an IMPEACHMENT TRIAL, the evidence against Trump increasing by the week almost, to even people who work for Trump like Mick Mulvaney ADMITTING there is a "quid pro quo" deal, it's clear that Donald Trump and the Republican Party are in bed with Putin and the Russians and only care about money and power above anything else. Not the country, not the people that voted them in, NOTHING else.

What is even more mind-boggling is that so many supposed "Christians" follow and support Trump and the GOP. In fact, Trump is the perfect representative of ALL of the seven deadly sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. The seven deadly sins are also everything Jesus Christ was against, so essentially Trump is an Antichrist. Maybe even THE Antichrist. Most Evangelical Christians support Trump and his policies, all of which are also Antichrist, and the Bible itself even says that most Christians will follow the Antichrist. In three long years, Trump has tried to take away people's health care, signed the biggest tax cut for the wealthy in history, allowed immigrant children to be held hostage in cages away from their parents, has made massive attacks on the mainstream media, shut down the government for a month over money for the border wall, ordered people to ignore subpoenas (breaking the law), obstructed justice multiple times (firing Comey and McCabe, hiring Whittaker and Barr after the midterms), etc. ALL Antichrist policies. And even if Trump for some reason IS innocent, his mental state alone makes him unfit to be Commander in Chief. In the last three years, he has stated that windmills cause cancer, that it is wrong for babies to be born in the ninth month, said that people need to flush their toilets 10-15 times (which wastes water, and we just came out of a LONG drought here in California where there were consecutive dry winters from 2011-2012 to 2015-2016, along with 2017-2018, followed by some of the hottest summers in the state's HISTORY from 2012-2018, which is the perfect recipe for devastating fire seasons like 2018), photoshopped his head on Rocky's body, and tweeted a GIF of him beating up a CNN logo! All of that is INSANE. Our leader and Commander in Chief is acting like an overgrown baby! Did Obama, Bush, or Clinton do anything that immature? No. Would Hillary have done anything like that? No. Also, Trump's own son even suggested on Thanksgiving that conservatives should "trigger" liberal family members at the dinner table. The president's job is to UNITE the country, NOT divide it. And Trump has also made multiple mentions of running for a third term and being "president for life", and Mike Huckabee even made the remark of Trump being eligible for a third term because of the impeachment hearings (even though that cannot happen). Trump is disregarding the Constitution before our very eyes! If that doesn't bother you, you only care about the GOP being in power and not the Constitution, freedom of speech, or the United States in general, especially if you supported Clinton being impeached because of his sex life (not defending his actions, but it had no bearing on his actual job, which was being president). Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, the loudest voices against impeaching Trump, supported removing Clinton from office, so by that logic being sexually immoral is more serious than treason to them.

What should we do about this in November 2020? Simple.


It doesn't even matter who it is that is against Trump (or who the Republican is that is running), vote for the Democrat. This even applies to elections for the Senate, the House, Gubernatorial elections, elections for the State Senate and State Legislature, etc. EVERYTHING that is partisan (meaning every election that is not for mayor and the city council) is important. The stakes are WAY too high to vote for an independent or write someone in, vote for the Democratic candidate that is on the ballot, regardless if it's a moderate like Biden or an economic populist like Warren, Bernie, or Yang. Even if Ren and Stimpy, Spongebob and Patrick, Beavis and Butthead, Shaggy and Scooby, Fred and Barney, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Al Bundy, Waldo Faldo, Inspector Gadget, Johnny Bravo, etc. were the ones on the Democratic party ticket, I would vote for them. The threat is REAL and the fact that Vladimir Putin, a fascist DICTATOR, is interfering in our elections and the GOP is doing NOTHING about it is scary. Do you value your tax cut more than your children's right to freedom of speech? Is being against abortion and gay marriage more important than your children going to school safely? Are your guns more important than your children having clean air to breathe and clean water to drink? Our children will INHERIT a fascist dictatorship where the wealthy will be above the law if we don't put our differences aside and save our democracy. Being a true Christian is about being more than being anti abortion or against gay rights (things Jesus never once spoke about) and going to church (going to church does NOT make you a better Christian!), but it's about having compassion for all, treating others how you want to be treated, and taking care of our planet (which God created, so in a way we're destroying one of God's creations, and ironically enough it's the "Antichrist" Democrats who are fighting this while the "Christian" Republicans are gladly ending environmental regulations for the sake of money and power). Being against government handouts to the poor, yet having no problem with the government warmongering, destroying the planet, putting immigrant children in cages, and giving tax cuts for the wealthy which never pay off (the last two Democratic presidents improved the economies that their predecessors destroyed, and Jerry Brown improved the economy that Arnold destroyed) is blasphemy, especially when this "Christian party" is the one doing all this stuff. Face it, you are being USED for your vote and I wouldn't doubt that they're laughing behind their back about how they're getting you to vote against Christ's teachings.

I have a strong belief that God is psychic (if God wasn't, then wouldn't he NOT be perfect, as he wouldn't be able to see the future?), but I've also been entertaining the thought of Trump being elected president as a test for conservative Christians, to see if they'll choose conservatism over Christ's teachings, as Trump is the complete opposite of ALL of Christ's teachings. The Bible says you cannot worship God and money at the same time, yet following Trump is doing just that, as Trump is the epitome of all of the seven deadly sins. When you think of Trump, the seven deadly sins are what IMMEDIATELY come to mind, not ANYTHING associated with Christ.

This just needed to be said, as I truly fear for the future of the country I was born and raised in if we don't change our whole attitude towards politics and start valuing more than just tax cuts and guns. The 2020 election is NOT about the left vs. the right, but about FREEDOM vs. FASCISM. Don't we want the next generation, OUR CHILDREN, to enjoy democracy, rather than selling it down the river for the sake of tax cuts, guns, and "nationalism" (if Putin and Russia, as well as other totalitarian regimes such as Saudi Arabia, China, and North Korea, being involved in our elections doesn't scare you, than you AREN'T patriotic and only care about your party of preference being in power above all else)? Country over party. The GOP NEEDS to get that message loud and clear. Regardless if you're liberal or conservative or white or colored, we ALL have the same color of blood and we're ALL US citizens. The dark forces WANT us to be divided based on silly stuff like the color of our skin, and it's quite sad. We're all better than that, especially since the legal voting age is 18 years old, which is the official start of adulthood.

If this moves you in any way, PLEASE share this post, as it is VERY important to get the word out! If anybody who you feel needs to see this message doesn't have Facebook, I highly recommend that you share it with them, as our democracy is at stake in 2020. Vote for whichever candidate is on the Democratic party ticket, regardless if it's Biden, Warren, Yang, Buttigieg, Bloomberg, Bernie, etc. If a person is not registered to vote and is eligible, make sure they get registered! We cannot afford to discriminate on things like "being too moderate", "being too liberal", "being too old", etc., as our democracy is in serious danger as long as Trump and the GOP are in power (it's very obvious that Trump's whole cabinet is involved as well, along with Pence, McConnell, Graham, Nunes, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, etc.). Issues will come later, as our democracy is WAY more important at this point. By supporting Trump and the GOP, you are not only supporting fascism and the seven deadly sins, you are also supporting numerous other sins such as murder, racism, sexism, corruption, treason, bribery, bullying, kidnapping, robbery, adultery, the list goes on and on and on. No good Christian can justifiably defend this evil regime. We're all better than that. MUCH better.

What we need to do to ensure this situation never happens again:

Take the money out of politics. Elections will be won based on ideas, not the backing of big corporations. Anybody who bribes an elected official loses the right to vote PERMANENTLY.

Recall elections for the president, vice president, and Congress. If our city and state officials are subject to recall elections, why not the federal government?

Maximum net worth in order to run for Congress or president: $100,000. You need to have experienced economic hardship at one point in your life, in order to understand the poor and working class. The Monopoly man as president is a proven failure, so why keep repeating it?

Salary increases for President, vice president, and Congress. The president will have a salary increase from $400,000 to $10 million a year, while being tax exempt. The vice president will receive $5 million a year, tax exempt. All Congress members will receive $1 million a year, tax exempt. This is to combat corruption and bribery.

Elected officials, when leaving office, are strictly forbidden from accepting jobs as lobbyists. Punishment would be 10 years in prison without the possibility of parole. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

If the president has maintained a positive approval rating throughout their term (meaning no rating below 50% at any point), they are eligible for an optional third term. No more than three. The president NEEDS an incentive to have a good approval rating throughout.

Senators will be subject to three six year terms and Representatives six two year terms. No more. No more career politicians.

Random lie detector tests for the president, vice president, and Congress members. They need to be held accountable and are NOT above the law. Transparency is good, corruption is bad.

Retired presidents will receive a $5 million per year pension, vice presidents a $3 million per year pension. Congress members a $1 million per year pension. All pension plans are tax exempt. You give good service and listen to the people, you will be taken care of for life. If involved in corruption or accepting a lobbyist job, you permanently lose your pension. This is to reward good service and combat corruption and taking lobbyist jobs.

Voting age will be lowered to 16 years of age. If you're old enough to work, you're old enough to vote too.

Every person will be subject to a Universal Basic Income of $5,000 a month. It will be funded by eliminating all safety net programs and merging them into one universal program designed to give everyone pure economic freedom, eliminate poverty, and act as a response to automation.

Universal health care for all. Our public schools are free, but our health care isn't? When you think about it, profiting off of people's illnesses is really messed up. This will be funded by:

Progressive tax increase on the wealthy. The rate goes up the more you make, with the top rate being 70%. If you made $1 billion in a year, you STILL would have $300 million, not even counting the refund. That is more money than I would know what to do with! Remember, greed is one of the seven deadly sins...

As well as the legalization of ALL drugs, with a huge tax of course. Driving under the influence of these drugs would still be a felony though, as that is putting someone's life in danger. The use of these drugs, however, would be considered a personal choice, and it would also reduce gang crime because the sale of these narcotics would be legal. People get their high, neighborhoods would be safer because these drugs would be legal (most gang crime is because of drugs), and the country would make a mint in sales tax as a result. (plenty of evidence here as to why Trump is the Antichrist)

This needs to go VIRAL. Country over party, love over hate, generosity over greed, tolerance over bigotry, and good over evil in general, all day, every day. Do you want to be on the right side of history in the future, or do you want to be on the wrong side? The choice is yours, so choose wisely. Think about it, if Trump was REALLY innocent, would there be a reason for him to obstruct justice so much, as he would then have nothing to hide?

Freedom over ideology! NOBODY is above the law here in the United States, as stated in the Constitution. The United States is a country for the PEOPLE, NOT the oligarchs.

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