Thursday, December 15, 2016


The widely accepted boundaries of the world's generations goes like this:

1901-1924 Greatest Generation
1925-1945 Silent Generation
1946-1964 Baby Boomers
1965-1981 Generation X
1982-2000 Generation Y/Millennials
2001-Present Generation Z

While this is very convenient and easy to remember, I'm sure you've noticed the difference in character of people in each half of these generations. And this is why:

Pluto in Gemini- 1882-1914 Communicative generation
Pluto in Cancer- 1912-1939 Traditionalist generation
Pluto in Leo- 1937-1958 "Me" generation
Pluto in Virgo- 1956-1972 Service generation
Pluto in Libra- 1971-1984 Relationship generation
Pluto in Scorpio- 1983-1995 Dark generation
Pluto in Sagittarius- 1995-2008 Freedom generation
Pluto in Capricorn- 2008-2024

And to take it a step further:

Neptune in Cancer- 1901-1916 (prohibition generation)
Neptune in Leo- 1914-1929 (the warmer Pluto Cancers born during the roaring 20s)
Neptune in Virgo- 1928-1943 (the more serious Pluto Cancers and Pluto Leos)
Neptune in Libra- 1942-1957 (flower children)
Neptune in Scorpio- 1955-1970 (Punk generation)
Neptune in Sagittarius- 1970-1984 ("why can't we all just get along?" generation)
Neptune in Capricorn- 1984-1998 (entitlement generation)
Neptune in Aquarius- 1998-2012 (tech generation)
Neptune in Pisces- 2011-2026

Pluto and Neptune are the slowest transiting planets, and thus everybody born under a certain Pluto and Neptune sign will be "torchbearers" of the culture they were born during for their entire lives. This is why "Millennials" with Pluto in Scorpio and Neptune in Capricorn tend to be extremely nostalgic about the 90s, but not the 2000s. Defining generations by their innate nature is the most logical thing to do, as Pluto and Neptune's transits cannot be disputed, unlike the start and end dates of all the generations outside of the post-war baby boom, and even then the difference in character between the 1946-1957 and the 1957-1964 (the 1958 Leo Plutos, despite having Pluto in Leo, have the Pluto in Virgo "charge" according to Dick Minnerly, which is something I'll go more in-depth on in the future) Boomers is unmistakable. This is something that needs to be known, as it will clear up a lot of confusion as to when all the generations start and end.

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