Thursday, December 15, 2016

Michele Martinez

This next post is on Michele Martinez, a member of the Santa Ana, California city council.


Leftist- Venus trine Neptune, Ruler of Venus, the Sun, trine Neptune, Ruler of 2nd house Mars trine South Node
Rightist- Nothing

A fiscal liberal.


Leftist- Moon opposite Neptune, Neptune elevated and contraparallel 4th house cusp
Rightist- Moon in 4th house

This strongly suggests a cultural liberal.


Libertarian- Pallas opposite Sun, Ruler of Pallas Uranus square Sun and contraparallel Mercury, coruler of Pallas Saturn parallel North Node
Authoritarian- Pallas opposite Jupiter, Uranus semi sextile Pluto and square and contraparallel Jupiter, Saturn parallel Pluto

Very mixed but leans authoritarian because of the three hard aspects to Jupiter and Pluto parallel.

Fiscally and socially to the left, authoritarian Pallas- Left wing authoritarian.

This makes sense as her Wikipedia article states that she's a registered Democrat. Another example of how someone's politics are clearly shown in the natal chart.

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