Thursday, December 15, 2016

Monica Garcia

This is my first post, expanding upon the theory of Alan Lin, author of and His theory is extremely accurate, as I've tested it on many people not listed on his sites, including myself (my chart analysis will be up soon), and I've gotten great results. My first chart analysis is on Monica Garcia, a member of the Baldwin Park, California city council (got birth date from Mocavo).


Leftist- Venus square Neptune, ruler of 2nd house Moon trine Neptune, South Node in Taurus
Rightist- Venus square the nodes

This suggests a fiscal liberal.


Leftist- Moon trine Neptune, 4th house cusp parallel 12th house cusp
Rightist- Ruler of Moon, the Sun, in Cancer

This suggests a cultural liberal.


Libertarian- Ruler of Pallas Mars quintile Sun
Authoritarian- Pallas opposite Pluto, Mars quincunx Pluto

This leans authoritarian, even without the quincunx.

Fiscally and socially to the left, authoritarian Pallas- Left wing authoritarian.

This fits with her being a registered Democrat, which her Wikipedia article states. And this guide can really help you determine someone's rising sign, which is necessary to do an accurate analysis:

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