Thursday, December 15, 2016

Michele Bachmann

This is different than the rest of my entries thus far, as it's on "conservative extremist" Michele Bachmann. Why the quotation marks? Because you'll see something VERY different in her chart than what she portrays in public.


Leftist- Venus parallel South Node
Rightist- Nothing

This suggests a leftist economic view.


Leftist- Moon trine Neptune, Ruler of Moon Uranus square Neptune, Neptune in the 4th house, Ruler of 4th house Venus parallel South Node, Uranus in the 12th house and parallel South Node
Rightist- Uranus in Cancer, coruler of Moon Saturn widely conjunct North Node, Uranus opposite Moon/North Node midpoint, 4th house cusp opposite Moon/Venus midpoint

Again, this suggests a cultural liberal, the complete opposite of her public persona.


Libertarian- Pallas parallel Sun and Mercury, coruler of Pallas Saturn sesquiquadrate Sun and Mercury
Authoritarian- Pallas opposite Jupiter and Pluto, Saturn square Pluto, Ruler of Pallas Uranus semi sextile Pluto and parallel Pluto and South Node

Mixed but authoritarian aspects dominate.

Fiscally and socially to the left, authoritarian Pallas- Left wing authoritarian.

Either she's doing a great job going against her astrological impulses, or she's putting on an act, which is highly possible considering how crazy some of the things she says are.

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