Thursday, December 15, 2016

Maria Santillan-Beas

This post is on Maria Santillan-Beas, a city council member of Lynwood, California. The time of birth is accurate, as I got it from a picture on her Instagram.


Leftist- Venus in 12th house and rules the 12th house
Rightist- Venus in Taurus, North Node in Taurus

Very mixed, which could lean her to the right fiscally.


Leftist- Ruler of Moon Jupiter sesquiquadrate Neptune, Ruler of 4th house, the Sun, opposite Moon/Neptune and Moon/South Node midpoint
Rightist- Nothing

A cultural liberal.


Libertarian- Ruler of Pallas Mars conjunct and parallel Sun, Mars at midpoint of Sun and North Node
Authoritarian- Pallas square Jupiter, Mars semisextile Jupiter

Mixed but leans libertarian.

Mixed fiscally, socially to the left, mostly strong Pallas- Principled Progressive.

This seems to fit her, considering how she was on the opposite side of the corruption in her city multiple times.

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