Saturday, December 24, 2016

This Blog- The Chart

Here is the chart of this blog, which shows that certain decisions are meant to happen.


Leftist- Venus semi sextile Neptune, Ruler of 2nd house Moon sesquiquadrate Neptune and South Node, Ruler of Venus Uranus contraparallel Neptune
Rightist- Uranus parallel North Node, Venus contraparallel 2nd house cusp

This blog does promote leftist economics, but not communism.


Leftist- Moon sesquiquadrate Neptune and South Node, Ruler of 4th house Mercury sextile Neptune, Neptune elevated and conjunct South Node
Rightist- Moon in Cancer

This blog does not promote keeping the old ways of doing things in this country.


Libertarian- Pallas sextile Sun, Ruler of Pallas Uranus parasllerl North Node, trine Sun, and square Mercury, coruler of Pallas Saturn conjunct Sun
Rightist- Uranus opposite Jupiter and square Pluto

This blog does not promote authoritarianism.

Fiscally and socially to the left, defensive Pallas- Left Libertarian

This is pretty accurate. Other notes:

Sun in Sagittarius- The purpose of this blog is to reveal the truth to people.

Moon and ascendant in Cancer- This blog does focus on the "homeland" and how to fix it.

Venus and Mars in Aquarius- This blog values progressive change and will assert itself in order to help make it happen.

Elevated Pisces Neptune in 9th house- This blog promotes oneness (Pisces) through the use of astrology and philosophies (9th house), and is to be revealed to the public (midheaven).

The chart fits the nature of the blog extremely well, as well as the political indicators in my chart, and it was a decision I made on the fly. This proves that I acted on an astrological impulse, and that it was meant to happen.

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