Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rand Paul

This post is on Kentucky senator Rand Paul.


Leftist- Ruler of Venus Jupiter trine Neptune, ruler of 2nd house Uranus quintile Neptune, coruler Saturn square Neptune, Neptune parallel 2nd house cusp
Rightist- Venus trine North Node and parallel 2nd house cusp, Jupiter in 2nd house, Venus trine midpoint of North Node and Uranus, Saturn on 2nd house cusp

Mixed but the right wing indicators are much stronger.


Leftist- Moon quincunx Neptune and sesquiquadrate South Node, ruler of Moon Mercury square Neptune and conjunct South Node
Rightist- Ruler of 4th house Venus trine North Node, Moon at North Node/4th house midpoint

Very mixed but slightly leaning to the left.


Libertarian- Pallas opposite Sun, Pallas at midpoint of North Node and ruler Moon, Moon quincunx Sun and trine Mercury, Moon contraparallel Mercury
Authoritarian- Ruler of Pallas Moon square Jupiter and Pluto and sesquiquadrate South Node, Moon parallel Pluto, Pallas sextile Pluto

Equally strong at both ends.

Fiscally to the right, socially mixed leaning left, mixed Pallas- Right wing partisan

The mixed Pallas may show Rand's strong belief in limited government, but also some racism that he's been accused of, as his two right wing cultural indicators are very strong. Like usual, the chart describes the person very well and shows he has a much stronger ethical compass than the other Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell.

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