Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tom Delay

This post is on former Texas representative Tom Delay.


Leftist- Venus in Pisces quincunx Neptune, South Node in 2nd house, coruler of Venus Jupiter conjunct South Node, Ruler of 2nd house Pluto sextile Neptune
Rightist- Neptune trine North Node, Jupiter in 2nd house

This leans to the left.


Leftist- Moon conjunct South Node, Ruler of Moon Pluto sextile Neptune, Ruler of 4th house Saturn trine South Node, South Node parallel 4th house cusp
Rightist- Saturn parallel North Node, Pluto contraparallel 4th house cusp

This also leans to the left.


Libertarian- Pallas semi square Sun and square the NRINO, Ruler of Pallas Neptune opposite Sun, coruler of Pallas Jupiter trine Mercury, Neptune trine North Node, Pallas parallel Sun and contraparallel Mercury
Authoritarian- Neptune sextile Pluto, Jupiter conjunct South Node, Neptune at Pluto/South Node midpoint, Neptune at Pluto/Jupiter midpoint, Pallas square Jupiter

Even with the libertarian aspects, this is a strong authoritarian chart.

Fiscally and socially to the left, aggressive Pallas- Left wing authoritarian

This supports the opinion that Delay is one of the establishment "RINO" politicians and that he was Republican in order to get elected in a conservative state.

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