Friday, January 27, 2017

Ron Paul

This post is on Ron Paul.


Leftist- Venus conjunct Neptune, South Node in 2nd house, ruler of Venus Moon trine Neptune and in 12th house, ruler of Venus Mercury conjunct Neptune
Rightist- Venus trine North Node, Moon trine North Node, Venus at Moon/North Node midpoint, Moon in Taurus

The right wing factors are too strong despite there being more left wing aspects. Two North Node trines and a midpoint are extremely hard to overrule.


Leftist- South Node in Cancer, Moon in 12th house trine Neptune, Neptune in 4th house, ruler of Moon Venus conjunct Neptune, ruler of 4th house Sun parallel 12th house cusp
Rightist- Moon trine North Node, Venus trine North Node, ruler of 4th house Sun biquintile North Node and in 4th house

Like his son Rand, this has strong right wing indicators, but the left wing indicators are equally as strong and there's more of them.


Libertarian- Pallas ruled by and conjunct Sun, Sun conjunct Mercury and biquintile North Node
Authoritarian- Sun semi sextile Pluto

Defensive Pallas.

Fiscally to the right, socially mixed leaning left, defensive Pallas- Libertarian

This describes Ron Paul to a tee. The chart is very similar to that of his son's, but less authoritarian.

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