Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tara Grinstead Disappearance

This post is on the Tara Grinstead disappearance. This case has gone unsolved for over 11 years, and with my knowledge of astrology I thought I'd give it a crack.

At around 1:30 AM, Tara, who is ruled by the first house ruler Sun, is shown getting in a car with somebody as the Sun is in the third house. However, Saturn is about to enter the 12th house, which is an indicator of death in forensic astrology. Either she was murdered in her house and carried off to the vehicle (which is probably the black truck reported there that night), or she was murdered when she got in the vehicle. The 7th house rules the culprit, and this is interesting, as the ruler of the 7th Uranus is in Pisces, and the ruler of Pisces Neptune is on the descendant. Sun (Tara) is conjunct Jupiter, the coruler of Pisces, in the 3rd house. The coruler of Aquarius is SATURN. This tells us that whoever killed her was likely hired to do so, and this us likely why the latex glove left at the scene had fingerprints that don't match anyone in Tara's life. The coruler of the 7th house Saturn is in Leo, the sign of love, and the dispositor of Uranus, Neptune, is in the 7th house of relationships. Whoever ordered this hit was in love with Tara at one time, and wanted her gone. This isn't the married cop she was seeing, as he left his business card in her food the next day, and I highly doubt the student infatuated with her would have the intellect and connections to successfully pull this off. However, her ex boyfriend has numerous police and military connections, and worked in both fields. He moved on from Tara, but she wouldn't let it go. I think it's him that the chart is pointing to as the person behind the murder. As for where she may be located, it may be tricky as Saturn represents bones and it's in a fire sign, so it's likely that her body was burned (a building in Ocilla was burning shortly after her disappearance, and one of the police officers was just watching it burn. Remember that Tara's ex used to be a cop).

I'm not an expert at this like I am political ideology and mundane astrology, but I know enough about it to paint a picture of what happened, which my intuition told me when I first saw this case on TV around 6 years ago. I'll be doing more of these cases in the future.

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